News Skins for Borderlands 2 Available Today!

Want to change the way your Borderlands 2 characters look? Today you can thanks to 15 new skins with matching heads and skins or bodies. There are three packs actually, Dominion, Madness and Supremacy, each pack have five sets in it so you get a total of 15 options. Individual price is 80 MS points or 99cents each. Here’s some pictures of them for you:

2KGMKT_BL2_Gardenia_MasterArt_Axton 2KGMKT_BL2_Gardenia_MasterArt_Gaige 2KGMKT_BL2_GardeniaMasterArt_lineup 2KGMKT_BL2_GardeniaMasterArt_madness 2KGMKT_BL2_GardeniaMasterArt_Maya 


Exciting news for Borderlands 2 fans: players can customize their characters with a slew of unique new looks! Three different themes – Dominion, Madness, and Supremacy – are available today for all five of the playable characters in Borderlands 2. Each theme is comprised of five individual sets of matching heads and skins for a total of 15 new customization options. The 15 sets are available separately for 80 Microsoft Points or $0.99 each.
For more information, please read the official announcement on the 2K Blog: