“Nude No More” Laptops

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That title there just doesn’t sound right does it?  These are skins basically for your laptops from Dell and Threadless, I’m sure they’re not just for Dell laptops though.

Blending technology, art and fashion, Dell and Threadless have teamed up to offer students and budding artists a unique way to make an eye-catching statement with their personal technology. Available immediately in the Dell Design Studio, people can choose from a diverse collection of original graphic creations from the popular community-based design website Threadless to customize the look of their laptop.


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De ll is also joining the Threadless Everywhere Tour as a sponsor. The tour, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Threadless, runs from July 2 – Oct. 9 with stops nationwide at art shows, socials, music festivals, comic conventions and other events.

The Dell Design Studio currently offers more than 200 graphically unique, original designs and colors from independent artists and partners. Individual who want to personalize their laptop can choose from categories that include unique, cutting edge colors from OPI, dazzling Major League Baseball team designs, Illuminations, patriotic country designs, classics and special (PRODUCT) RED ™ signature artwork.

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