OCZ Introduces New Deneva 2 Series Enterprise SSDs

New SSD has just been announced from OCZ and it’s an Enterprise SSD. Personally I like enterprise products better than consumer grade myself as I just trust them more. Enterprise products are made for the long term essentially and that’s what I want. I don’t care if it’s slightly slower than a consumer class product, what I can about is longevity and reliability. The new Deneva 2 series of SSDs feature up to 550 MB/s, write and up to 520 MB/s random read. They’re available now in three sizes, 120gb, 240gb and 480gb.


OCZ Technology Group, Inc. today announced the latest addition to the popular Deneva 2 Series which now utilizes 19 nanometer (nm) NAND flash.  The new models are 2.5-inch, 6Gbps SATA III-based Multi-Level Cell (MLC) drives that implement the Deneva 2 SSD Series feature-set and are built around a smaller NAND flash process geometry.  This cutting-edge drive solution also features a completely new power architecture that was designed from the ground up to optimize server back plane functionality, providing enhanced management of in-rush current and power fluctuation.  The result is an advanced SSD series that delivers superior storage performance, enterprise-class endurance, reliability and quality, and excellent total cost of ownership for customers.
The new Deneva 2 SSDs continue to utilize the proven and effective LSI SandForce® SF-2281 processor and delivers exceptional performance with 19nm toggle mode NAND flash.  The performance specifications support read bandwidth up to 550 MB/s, write bandwidth up to 520 MB/s, random read throughput (4K blocks) over 45,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS), and random write throughput (4K blocks) over 34,000 IOPS.  It provides consistent sustained performance over time so that users can achieve faster file transfers, boot-ups and benefit from a more responsive storage experience. With a priority on reliability and flash-optimized enterprise endurance, the new Deneva 2 includes advanced features such as data fail recovery, intelligent block management, wear leveling and robust error correction.  Additionally, power consumption has also been lowered in the new models as well.
The new Deneva 2 SSD Series are now available in three models supporting 120GB capacity (Model D2CSTK251M3T-0120), 240GB capacity (Model D2CSTK251M3T-0240) and 480GB capacity (Model D2CSTK251M3T-0480).  For more information, visit www.ocz.com/enterprise.