OCZ Technology Announces Vertex 2 and Agility 2 Solid State Drives


More SSDs coming our way from OCZ! OCZ knows how to make an SSD drive. The new Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSDs are available in capacities from 50gb up to 400gb. I’ve got one of the original Agility SSDs in my netbook and I love it, it’s nice and fast and quiet!

Building on the features that distinguished their highly acclaimed predecessors, the Vertex 2 and Agility 2 incorporate a cutting-edge new controller design that delivers superior performance across the board. As the higher-end option, the Vertex 2 excels in 4KB random writes up to 50,000 IOPS and features transfer rates up to 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write. For the value-conscious enthusiast, Agility 2 provides similar performance at a lower price point and delivers identical read/write rates and 4KB random writes up to 10,000 IOPS.

OCZ Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSDs not only provide a faster, more responsive PC experience, but also promote cooler, quieter and more energy-efficient conditions compared to traditional mechanical hard drives. Built with SATA 3Gb/s, the drives easily integrate into today’s mobile and desktop platforms and feature TRIM support for Windows 7 systems. Available in 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, and 400GB capacities*, Vertex 2 and Agility 2 will begin shipping in the next few weeks through OCZ’s extensive global channel. Both series come backed by a three-year warranty and OCZ’s dedicated technical support for ultimate peace of mind.


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*400GB to be available at a later date depending on firmware availability.

About OCZ Technology Group, Inc.

Founded in 2002, San Jose, CA-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (“OCZ”), is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high performance and reliable Solid State Drives (SSDs) and premium computer components. OCZ has built on its expertise in high-speed memory to become a leader in the SSD market, a technology that competes with traditional rotating magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs are faster, more reliable, generate less heat and use significantly less power than the HDDs used in the majority of computers today. In addition to SSD technology, OCZ also offers high performance components for computing devices and systems, including enterprise-class power management products as well leading-edge computer gaming solutions. For more information, please visit: www.ocztechnology.com.

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  1. May 12, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Dont Buy it , those speeds Will Diminish within No Time to 60 or 70 % of the given speeds and You will dwelll around forums to solve that Problem !

    I Had Thát with apex , Never came beyond 140MB/s instead of Promissed 200/220 (260 inofficial)and the old type vertex replacements that are coming ( after eleven Months of Waiting ) , also eleven Months old farts , of them I Already Read reviews that I Will have problems there also with firmware speedproblems , so ocz rmapolitics , service and speed ( fired My handler and changed eMailadresses , did not Respond even to Letters , Without Notice , for eleven Months)

    Do not want to give Me Better tech Types , even after eleven Months of Trouble and dwelling around forums and the Prices dropped 60% !

    So Only Damage There , in Money Loss and Happyness !

    Better Get Some Cheap Types , with a Areca 300$ controller and have double Life expectancy , double Speed and Double Capacity for that Money !

    And Thát IS Reality , and Not These druiling reviews !

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