Oregan Unveils ‘Onyx Dual’ Remote Control

Hmm.. I want one, this thing looks nice,. It’s a remote, but it’s dual function. On the top is your basic standard remote controls, but flip it over and you’ve got a full qwerty keyboard! It’s a wonder these aren’t already out, so simple of a design but yet so useful.

The ONYX DUAL remote control has been developed in close collaboration with Philips Home Control and is based on the cutting edge 3D sensor innovation from the Philips labs, applied to the specifics of interactive experience on connected home entertainment devices. The device features a dual functionality:

  • it enables traditional spatial TV user interface navigation via the motion-sensing technology which responds to kinetic hand signals.
  • it functions as an intelligent, context-sensitive keyboard which is activated by the simple gesture of turning the device.


Milya Timergaleyeva, Oregan’s VP of Market Strategy commented, ‘Oregan is pleased to be launching Onyx Dual – a new essential CE peripheral which makes the interactive Web TV and content browsing experience compelling and accessible to a wide audience of users with different levels of technology adoption. A product of our collaboration with Philips, this exciting and slick gadget is yet another innovation step driving the value and pertinence of Internet content on TV.’




For more information, please visit www.oregan.net