Otterbox Offers the Ultimate Protection for Your iPhone 4S

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If I owned an iPhone 4S I’d have it in an Otterbox case for maximum protection. I have an Otterbox case on my Samsung Captivate and I love it, it offers more than enough protection for my phone. You can get one of four new Otterbox cases for your iPhone 4S, it all depends on just how much protection your want or need for your phone as to which you’ll choose. You can pick from the Defender, Reflex, Commuter or Impact series of cases.



The OtterBox Defender Series is the ultimate bodyguard for the new Siri assistant and other advancements of the iPhone 4S. This is the original multi-layered case: a built-in screen shield, sturdy polycarbonate shell and robust silicone outer layer keep the smartphone safe from scratches, dust and drops. A wide range of colors are offered, including Realtree camouflage designs. For those interested in hands-free carrying, a holster-style swivel belt clip is also included.

Sleek, adaptive protection is provided by the Reflex Series. This case is a slim-fitting single layer of polycarbonate and rubber, easy to install or uninstall for quick docking. Reflex Zones™ in the corners absorb impact when dropped so the device does not. A self-adhering screen protector is included to prevent scratching.

The OtterBox Commuter Series is a pocket protector that iPhone 4S lovers will want to use. Its slick exterior slides in and out of a pocket, purse or bag easily, while the silicone and polycarbonate combination offers strength and style in a variety of different colors. Also included for additional defense is a self-adhering screen protector.

Durable silicone and an innovative inner coring comfort the iPhone 4S in a simple yet substantial form with the Impact Series®. This is an ideal case for those wanting additional fortification against potential scuffs and scratches. Similar to other OtterBox lines, the Impact Series provides a self-adhering screen protector.

Sometimes what you want is exactly what you need. OtterBox bridges the gap between accessory and necessity with protective cases for what is known as "the most amazing iPhone yet." For more information about OtterBox cases for the iPhone 4S visit here.

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