Pantech Pocket Comes to AT&T November 20th and Brings 4G With It

Another 4G phones comes to A&T courtesy of Pantech and it’s simple called the Pocket. It will be arriving on November 20th for $49.99 with new two year agreement of course. The phone features a 5mp camera along with a four inch SVGA screen. The phone is running Android 2.3.




-Pantech Wireless, Inc., – the U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Co., Ltd., one of Korea’s largest mobile phone manufacturers – announced the availability of Pocket, the company’s second Android smartphone for AT&T, on November 20 for $49.99. Powered by Android 2.3, this slender 4G device boasts an unconventionally wide SVGA touch-screen display, designed to enhance an array of entertainment applications from browsing and navigation, to social media and watching videos – all in a one-handed form. Additionally, Pocket’s oversized display features a spacious virtual keyboard, furthering Pantech’s commitment to creating top-tier messaging devices at competitive prices. Pocket will be one of the key handsets promoted during the three winter stops on the 2011-2012 Dew Tour, a coast-to-coast action sports tour of which Pantech is a title sponsor.

Ideal for multimedia, e-reading, gaming and entertainment, Pocket has a durable, one-handed design complemented by beveled edges and a textured back. Its unique, wide screen boasts a 4:3 aspect ratio, which offers approximately 20 percent more viewing area than most other 4-inch display handsets. Pocket features a highly customized Android OS, sporting a lock screen displaying a wheel surrounded by apps that are immediately activated when dragged into its center. In response to users’ widespread and growing desire to read books on their handsets, Pocket also is pre-loaded with Kindle by Amazon and Google Books.

Pocket’s key features include:

Oversized Touch-screen Display – 4-inch SVGA touch-screen features a 4:3 aspect ratio, perfect for watching videos, gaming, e-reading, navigation, web browsing and more. The large screen also provides a roomy virtual keyboard for quicker typing with fewer errors.

Functional Design – Pocket’s slim form-factor is complemented by an easy-to-grip, durable exterior that is scratch resistant.

High Speeds – Powered by 4G speeds, Pocket offers a zippy experience with multimedia, Internet and social entertainment.

Longer Battery Life – Made possible by its wide design, Pocket includes an extra-large, removable battery.

Versatile Camera – 5.0 megapixel camera features a host of custom photo settings and HD video options.

e-Reading Apps – Amazon’s Kindle Reader and Google eBooks come pre-installed on Pocket.

Heading into the holiday season, Pocket proves that it is an ideal gift for anyone wanting bigger, better and faster mobile entertainment at an affordable price. Moms needing to find directions to soccer games, teenagers wanting to post videos to Facebook, and dads in search of a larger keyboard for typing emails, will all appreciate Pocket’s unique one-handed design.

Pocket is available on November 20 for $49.99 with a two-year commitment at AT&T company-owned retail stores and online at For more information about Pantech and its products, please visit