Pioneer Offers Exclusive Limited Edition Headphones

I have one word for these, and it’s gack.. these are ugly, who would actually wear gold headphones?! I guess for some DJ In a club they would work as I think flashy is more of a DJ thing. On the plus side, the specs seem decent though.

Many DJs are as critical of the look of their gear as they are with its audio performance. The HDJ-1000 headphones provide the high-quality sound that DJs expect as well as choices of colors and styles that make a fashion statement. The HDJ-1000 headphones come in two new colors, black and gold, in addition to the original chrome model. The black version resonates with a more sophisticated look, while the gold version provides a more glitzy style.



To obtain the best audio reproduction possible, the drivers in the HDJ-1000 headphones were tuned to deliver more impact in the lower bass frequencies of music. Its thick 38 micrometers diaphragm and 1.5 mm voice coil are more efficient in generating the critical midrange and mid-bass frequencies in music and produce a more linear response even at high volume levels.

Furthermore, the mono/stereo selector circuit was modified to obtain clearer playback, especially in the midrange frequencies. With this change, the headphones deliver sounds such as bass drums, snare drums and cymbals with more impact.

For maximum comfort, the headphones use low rebound urethane for the ear pads providing a better fit and increased comfort when used for long DJ sessions. Along with the urethane pads, the design of the headphones wrap around the ears to achieve excellent sound insulation, making monitoring effortless even in the noisiest environments.

Additional features of the HDJ-1000 include an easy fold-away structure design, convenient carrying pouch, a swivel mechanism with 90-degree housing rotation to support a wide range of monitoring styles, and a convenient mono/stereo switch for single-ear use.

The gold HDJ-1000-G and the black HDJ-1000-K will be available in December 2010 at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $209.


Fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones

Frequency range:
5Hz – 30kHz


Maximum input power:
3,500 mW

Output sound level:
107 dB/m

Unit type:
50 mm diameter dome type

3.5 mm diameter 3P mini plus (gold-plated, screw in)

9.52 oz. (excluding cord)

Included accessories:
6.3mm 3P plug adapter (gold-plated, screw-type), carrying pouch

Connection cord:
1.2m side mount coil cord (extended 3m)


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