Put an End to Drunk Texting with the Textalyzer

This I think would fall under the very useful apps category! How many of you out there drink and text? How many of you have sent a text and then really regretted it in the morning? I’m sure a lot of you have, more than you’d like to admit. Now there’s a way to stop that drunk testing with an app called the Textalyzer. You can create a list of people that you shouldn’t be texting while drunk, like your Ex for example. Once you try to text someone on that list you’ll be given a series of games or tests for to pass before you’ll be allowed to text that person. I think it’s worth the 99 cents for the protection it can provide against the embarrassing drunk text…


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For the people out there who love Texting, and especially love doing it at the wrong time, there’s finally an answer. The Textalyzer iPhone app uses a series of virtual sobriety tests to prevent people from sending text messages they might later regret.

The idea originator, Samantha Deeter, partnered with Appiction, an application development company, to create the Textalyzer iphone app. The visually stunning and easy to navigate app will only set you back $0.99, a bargain considering the humiliation the app can spare you.

The app itself allows users to create a list of people they shouldn’t be texting when their judgment is impaired (exes, co-workers, discriminating family members and friends), and then runs the app user through a series of reaction-based games before they are allowed to send an outgoing text.

If the user is unable to successfully complete the games, their text is held for 12 hours, at which point they’re asked if they still want to send the message. The user can even create customized warnings so they never forget why they want to avoid sending messages to a specific contact.

This cool, fun, and clever app has seen great immediate success. Within a week of being released in the iTunes Store, Textalyzer hit the ‘iTunes New & Noteworthy List’ along with reaching #101 on the list of Top Paid Entertainment Apps.