ROCCAT Kone XTD Now Compatible with Mac

Yes! Mac gamers have a real reason to rejoice, they’ can now use the Roccat Kone XTD gaming mouse, too bad they don’t have a wide selection of games to use it with! Still though, having a good mouse is something that anyone can appreciate, I know I love a good mouse for not just gaming but for everyday use as well!


ROCCAT is expanding the compatibility of the legendary Kone XTD max customization gaming mouse to Mac gamers worldwide.  The award-winning mouse has been highly touted for its premium components, advanced precision, and unique lighting and effects system.

The 8,200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor in the Kone XTD offers superb tracking, transmitting even the fastest mouse movements with no lag.  Click Master switch tech – powered by Omron ensures that every button press registers with extreme precision. Every click also delivers pronounced feedback, letting you feel your way to successful gaming.

The Kone XTD features world famous Easy-Shift[+]™ technology, which lets you set two functions for each mouse button and the scroll wheel – giving you the power to pack a massive amount of quickly-accessible control into a clean, uncluttered space. And the included ROCCAT™ driver software lets you easily program and fine tune a multitude of settings – and gives you sound feedback with most changes – so you can game exactly how you like.

The Kone XTD also features a fully customizable lighting system that adds to the mood of every gaming session. Flanking its sides are two shimmering light rails powered by four independent multi-color LEDs that you can set in your choice of a wide range of vibrant hues. You can even program the light rails to execute cool effects, like a “breathing” function, or color rotation in your choice of shades – or to signal game profile changes.

The Kone XTD is available now from Newegg and Amazon for $89.99.


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