ROCCAT Unveils Tyon Gaming Mouse

Roccat has just announced a new gaming mouse and I have to say I love the looks of it, but then again looks aren’t everything are they? The new mouse is called the Tyon and it features 16 programmable buttons and an 8200dpi laser sensor along with memory for macros and even customizable LED lighting. You can get the Tyon in black of white colors but I don’t see a price listed or date of availability. Details and pics below for you..


ROCCAT™, industry leader and high-water mark for computer game accessory development and design, has once again raised the bar for gaming control and precision with the tyon2

The Tyon is an efficient, combat-ready weapon and an aesthetically fascinating masterpiece in one.  It provides the simplest access to the most features in a gaming mouse, reduces the need to make hand adjustments on the keyboard with the ROCCAT X-Celerator and Dorsal Fin, and is exceptionally comfortable with exhaustively tested button placement schemes.


ROCCAT’s new X-Celerator and Dorsal Fin technology eliminates the frustration of being shackled to the myriad of keyboard commands by shifting major functions from the keyboard to the Tyon.  The X-Celerator is a two-way analog stick that allows gamers to throttle, sprint, rotate tank turrets, and more directly from their mice.  Roccat’s Dorsal Fin is a two-click button placed behind the mouse wheel that provides comfortable mid-finger gaming action and increases mouse functionality.

“Tyon’s stricking balance of form, function and visual appeal was achieved by understanding what gamers want,” adds René.  “We listened to gamers, tested the mouse with gamers and fine-tuned the mouse for both experienced gamers who want to take their play to the next level and the amateur gamers who wants to improve.”

The Tyon is available in black or white and comes with a 576kB onboard memory to store vast amount of settings and macros, and an 8200 DPI Pro-Aim Laser Sensor for pinpoint precision, lightning quickness and fatal accuracy when needed.  It also comes with programmable dual lighting RBGY illumination for both the lower rim and wheel of the mouse.

ROCCAT Tyon Tech Specs

8200 DPI PRO AIM (R3) LASER SENSOR – precision gaming at its best

X-CELERATOR THUMB PADDLE – unrivaled command capabilities

DORSAL FIN SWITCH – rapid and instinctive control

ROCCAT™ EASY-SHIFT[+]™ – on-the-fly button duplicator

16.8M MULTICOLOR ILLUMINATION – customizable two-level light system

TRACKING & DISTANCE CONTROL UNIT – less pick-up flight for precise gaming

16 MOUSE BUTTONS – programmable + solid mouse wheel

32-BIT PROCESSOR + 576KB MEMORY- rapid macro storage and execution

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