Rokform Announces RokShield v3 iPad Mini Case

Yep it’s a new case for the iPad mini, and it’s from Rockform, and it’s called the Rokshield v3. The case comes with a kickstand accessory that can be removed when you don’t need it or you can use the magnetic mounting system to attach it to anything that will hold a magnet.



-Rokform announces the new RokShield v3 iPad Mini case to protect and mount the device. Part of the v3 line of cases for the iPhone and iPad, the RokShield v3 for iPad Mini features the same great award-winning functionality as the existing version for the iPhone 5.

In line with other great cases from Rokform, the RokShield v3 iPad Mini case provides users with maximum functionality, in addition to style and protection. By integrating advanced mounting capabilities, users can mount the iPad Mini to virtually any surface, anywhere.

The included Easy Stick Remote Mounting System (RMS) allows the iPad Mini to be firmly positioned on any surface, while an optional magnet kit with High Pull Rare Earth (HPRE) magnets also lets users conveniently, and securely, mount their device to any magnetic surface. Enjoy your iPad Mini in multiple viewing angles when using the included Kickstand accessory, which snaps in and out in seconds, and folds completely flat for convenient transport.

Rokform continues its emphasis on protection with the new RokShield v3, as the shock-absorbing rubber outer bumper, included screen protector and high impact polycarbonate frame work together to ensure maximum security of your iPad Mini.

The outer bumper of the case can easily be removed for a slimmer profile while still being protected by Rokform’s high impact polycarbonate case. The new iPad Mini case is also compatible with all iPad mounting accessories, including the best-rated Suction Mount.

The RokShield v3 iPad Mini case is made in the USA, with an MSRP of $59 and is available now. Additionally, Rokform plants one tree through a partnership with American Forests for every case sold. For more information, or to purchase, visit