SANYO Introduces New Wide XGA High-Brightness High Performance Projectors


Sanyo has just announced a few new XGA Projectors that are 16:10 widescreen with 1200×800 resolution. I wouldn’t consider them inexpensive, the least costly is $4,095 while the most costly is $5,645. They have varying specs but overall they’re similar. They all have HDMI, DVI, Composite and Component along with S-Video as well.

                   PLC-WM5500                      PLC-WM4500
                   (power-driven zoom lens)        (power-driven zoom lens)
                    and PLC-WM5500L (optional       and PLC-WM4500L
                    lens)                           (optional lens)
                   --------------------------      ----------------

  Resolution:       1280 x 800 (Wide XGA)           1280 x 800 (Wide XGA)
  Aspect Ratio:     16:10                           16:10
  Brightness:       5,500 ANSI lumens              4,500 ANSI lumens
  Contrast Ratio:   800:1                           800:1
  Uniformity:       90%                              90%
  Projection Lamp:  330W                            275W
  Screen Size:      40"-400" projection distance varies based on lens
  Input Terminals:  DVI-D, HDMI 1.3 Deep Color compatible,
                       Video (x3): RGB D-sub 15-pin (x2),
                      RGBHV/Y/VIDEO, Pb/Cb,Pr/Cr (BNC x3) and (RCA x3), S-
  Control:          Wired remote mini jack, wired LAN RJ45, control port D-
                      sub 9
  Dimensions:       19.27 (W) x 6.46 (H) x 14.6 (D) inches
  Weight:           21.3lbs (with standard lens)    TBD(with standard lens)
                     19.6lbs (without lens)          TBD(with standard lens)

  About SANYO

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