Seagate’s TV Remote App Now Available in iTunes Store

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I guess this is news for you iPhone owners out there, when it comes to Android then I’ll be happy. Anyway this new app allows you to control your Seagate GoFlex TV HD media player or FreeAgent Theater with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Today Seagate announced that its Seagate® TV Remote application has been approved and is now available for download from the iTunes Store®. This easy-to-use application can be found by searching for "Seagate" or "GoFlex" in the iTunes store from either your computer or from the app store on your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod Touch®. Use of the application requires installation of the latest GoFlex™ TV HD media player or FreeAgent Theater+™ HD media player firmware, which can be accessed and downloaded from the support site on to either of the two HD media players as long as the device is located in the US1.

iPhone remote app-screen

The new Seagate TV Remote app enables control of a GoFlex TV or FreeAgent Theater+ product from anywhere in the home using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via Wi-Fi. The app interface resembles the existing media player’s infrared remote controls, making it a familiar easy –to-use device. Additionally, because the app leverages the home Wi-Fi network, there is no need for line-of-sight between the HD media player and the controller, allowing it to be used anywhere within the home.
An added benefit of the new app is that current owners of Seagate’s media players will now be able to leverage the keyboard on their Apple® mobile device to enter text into search fields when using Internet services such as YouTube, Netflix and Pandora, simply by pressing an onscreen button. With the TV Remote app, people can now see a display of all the files stored on the external hard drives connected to GoFlex TV or FreeAgent Theater+ HD media players, which provides a convenient alternative way to view the files stored on the drive. The new TV Remote app also allows the navigation of photos stored on the Apple mobile device in order to send them over the network to the drive attached to either media player. The photos will be saved to the drive and automatically displayed on the TV in full resolution. The TV Remote app will also work with every Seagate media player on the network. The new Seagate app will automatically scan a Wi-Fi network for any available GoFlex TV or FreeAgent Theater+ HD media players.

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