Skyroam Gmate Gives You Freedom to Take it All with You

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The Skyroam Gmate is an intriguing little device that let’s you take everything with you in terms of mobile access that is. The Gmate has a spot of a Sim card so you can turn your iPhone into a dual sim phone, or your iPod Touch into a phone or give your Wi-Fi iPad internet access on the go. The Gmate works with other devices besides Apple of course, it can work fine with Android ones as well.

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Apple users often experience the “if-only” scenario: If only the iPod Touch comes with voice/sms features; if only all iPads come with 3G option (but without another 3G contract); if only the iPhone supports dual-SIM, and so on. To answer such dilemma, Skyroam (, an emerging wireless company, introduces the Skyroam Gmate Transformer as the single solution.

The Gmate Transformer is a small, lightweight device where one can insert any SIM card, and route all voice/sms/Internet to the Apple device via Bluetooth. With Gmate, one can now use iPod Touch as an ultra-thin smartphone, making and receiving calls/sms or surf the net anywhere; Apple users can use the iPad to get on Internet anywhere, anytime without another expensive 3G contract; or enjoy dual-SIM feature on the iPhone, especially needed while traveling from country to country without expensive roaming charges.

Simply put:
1. iPhone + Gmate = Dual SIM iPhone
2. iTouch + Gmate = iPhone
3. iPad + Gmate = iPad with Internet/voice/sms

Since Gmate is a standalone device that communicates with the iOS device via Bluetooth, one can keep it hidden in one’s pocket or bag rendering it “invisible”, while keeping the iOS device free of any physical attachments. In addition, Gmate will soon supports various Android smartphones and pads, therefore covering more than 70% of existing communication devices in the market today worldwide.

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