SmartFish Announces Availability of ErgoMotion Mouse

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There’s a favorite saying of mine that goes ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and that especially applies to mice. Being a reviewer, over the years I’ve tried many different mice, including those that try and re-invent them, and I always go back to the ‘regular’ mouse.  SmartFish has just announced the ErgoMotion Mouse, and I’m not going judge just yet until I get one in my hands or I see some reviews of it. It is certainly unique in that it moves like a mouse does, but it tilts all ways as you move. The first thing I thought of was a motorcycle, you lean to the left as you turn left, or right whichever, and that’s what this mouse does. I’d like to give it a try personally, and it’s only $49.95 which isn’t bad for a specialized mouse like this one is.

SmartFish Technologies is proud to announce the immediate availability of the ErgoMotion Mouse to consumers nationwide.  This is the first laser mouse ever to feature a patented swivel mechanism that promotes a fluid movement, allowing the mouse to intuitively adapt to the user’s hand position.  Smartfish’s award-winning ErgoMotion technology enables forward, backward and lateral wave-like movements for the wrist every time the mouse is in use.  This helps to relieve discomfort from repetitive stress injuries related to extended computer usage.


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“When using a static mouse, the hand, wrist and arm are confined to a fixed position that limits natural movements and forces robotic gestures which strains your tendons and ligaments causing pain and discomfort over time.” said Dr. Jack Atzmon, President and CEO of Smartfish Technologies.  “The ErgoMotion Mouse adapts to your natural movements and provides the most unique and healthy computing experience to date.”
The ErgoMotion Mouse boasts a sleek design, and features both left and right click, four-way scroll wheel and a discreet wireless USB plug-in. The device is compatible with MACs and PCs, and features an ambidextrous design for both right and left-handed users.  It’s is available now from for $49.95.


Hit up that link there to go to the site and find a video of it in action.

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