Solar Vox: “Your Personal USB Solar Charger” available now on Kickstarter

Looks like Kickstarter is at it again with a solar charger and I like the look of this thing. It’s not exactly small and portable but I love the looks of it, there’s just something about the design that I really like.

The Solar Vox is a small, rugged and optimally designed unit created to recharge all your USB supported handheld devices. The unit’s design enables four optimum solar angles of 0°, 30°, 70° and 90 degrees, making it versatile any time of the day anywhere on globe. It uses standard rechargeable “AA” batteries found in stores through out the world and the Solar Vox is USB enabled and compliant.


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“Vox” is the Latin word for power, thus you have Solar Power. This is exactly what the Solar Vox is, a personal solar powered USB charger for your handheld devices that you love and use daily. Designed and manufactured in Detroit, MI, the Solar Vox is a fantastic “green” product and is environmentally friendly. It is not a “Design for the Dump” product.  The unit has user replaceable batteries and no proprietary connectors. The Solar Vox uses standard USB connectors, so you will not need any additional USB cables to charge your device, simply use the USB cable that came with your device. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and the solar panel has a life span of over 10 years.

Designed by Eric Strebel. He runs a design studio called Botzen Design.  He worked to design the Power Matt wireless charge pad for Homedics, has designed sunglasses for Bauch & Lomb, vehicles for Ford Motors as well as designed monsters for Clive Barker. Currently he consults for various companies in the Detroit area and teaches Industrial Design at Wayne State University. The idea of a Solar panel with a set of batteries is not new, but the Solar Vox, is an innovative, well designed, multifunctional, portable, and easy to use solar charger.  The Solar Vox is a great product for today’s global citizens with demanding mobile power needs, environmentally conscious individuals, techies, outdoors use and people interested in a functionally designed solar charger. Additional uses could include but are not limited to: “AA” battery back up, traveling, camping, hiking and backpacking.  Usage in emergency/disaster areas and developing countries with limited resources.  It would be an indispensable life line in time of need such as earthquakes, floods or power outages.

Weight: 10oz/285g without batteries 12 oz/ 340g with batteries
Size:      12.8cm x 15cm x 5.2cm
Typical charge time for the “AA” 2500 mAh internal batteries is approximately 4 hours of direct sunlight.
Typical charge time to charge a phone to a 50% charge boost takes approximately 3 hours

Shipping world wide
Visit the Kickstarter project to preorder the Solar Vox

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