Sony LiveView Update is Finally Here

I’ve got a LiveView and it’s certainly a unique little gadget, but the update that Sony promised for January is here, one day before the end of the month. The update mainly addresses the number of plug-ins, connection stability and compatibility with phones. The LiveView app was also updated  too.




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Here are some of the highlights of the update:

    * Improved stability in the phone application (latest update available on Android Market as of minutes ago)
    * Improved plug-in handling and limit of number of installed plug-ins raised to 30.
    * Connection stability improved – most identified reasons for random disconnects should be fixed now.
    * There were some cases of random reboots reported, and all those reported crashes have now been resolved.
    * Compatibility with competitor phones is greatly improved, both in regards to stability and to battery life time.
    * Automatic reconnect when coming back in range improved.


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