Sprint Launches Certified Pre-Owned Device Program

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So it looks as though Sprint is now offering  a pre-owned program, which of course makes sense and is a good deal for the end consumer who can get a good phone at a low price.

Sprint Nextel today announced the launch of its new, national Certified Pre-owned Device Program. Sprint Certified Pre-owned devices offer customers exceptional, feature-rich refurbished devices at lower prices. Customers who purchase a pre-owned device from Sprint not only get one of today’s devices at a great value, but also simultaneously help Sprint to achieve its aggressive reuse and recycling goals by giving these pre-owned devices a “second life.”

“The Sprint certified pre-owned device program enables our customers to purchase innovative devices at an exceptional value”



Three certified pre-owned devices are now available for purchase in this exciting new program at Sprint.com – BlackBerry® Tour™, Samsung Reclaim™ in green, and Sanyo 2700 in pink and blue. Existing customers can purchase one of these pre-owned devices at regular price without a contract extension and without affecting their current upgrade eligibility status.

Existing pricing for the devices are as follows:

  • BlackBerry Tour at $79.99, and
  • Samsung Reclaim in green and Sanyo 2700 in pink and blue are each available for $49.99.
  • Customers with a new two year contract can get the Hero & Tour at $29.99 and the green Reclaim or pink & blue 2700 for FREE.

Visit www.sprint.com for further details.

“The Sprint certified pre-owned device program enables our customers to purchase innovative devices at an exceptional value,” said David Owens, vice president of marketing for Sprint. “Each of these certified pre-owned devices meets Sprint’s rigorous quality standards, and is backed by the 30-day return policy. The Sprint pre-owned device program also supports Sprint’s goal to reuse and recycle more of our devices. Ultimately, giving phones a ‘second life’ is a win-win for Sprint, our customers and the environment.”

All Sprint certified pre-owned devices are thoroughly inspected, tested and, if necessary, remanufactured according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) new unit specifications, and come with the 30-day return policy. Every Sprint-Certified Pre-owned phone is:

  • Prepared for resale by facilities certified by the original manufacturer of the device,
  • Subjected to a comprehensive 30-plus point quality checklist to ensure compliance with Sprint standards,
  • Inspected for any cosmetic defects to make sure your device looks like new
  • Returned to factory default settings, and
  • Updated to the most current system software.

Sprint’s Certified Pre-owned Device Program is another step forward in support of the company’s aggressive reuse and recycling collection goals. Sprint was the first in the industry to publicly announce an ambitious goal to collect nine phones for reuse and recycling for every 10 sold by 2017, a 90 percent collection rate. As of 2009, Sprint’s collection rate was more than 40 percent, well ahead of the industry average. More than 90 percent of the 3.7 million phones Sprint collected in 2009 were reused.

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