Synology Announces the DiskStation DS1511+

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Whoa, up to 45TB of storage is the new Synology DS1511+, I could store a lot of stuff on that. There is a side note there though the you’ll need the expansion modules to get all of that capacity, still though that’s a lot space. The DS1511+ has all of the familiar feature that every other Synology NAS box has, including the excellent build quality that we’ve come to expect.

The DiskStation provides a reliable solution for the standard NAS roles such as easy file sharing, scheduled backups, remote access, and centralized management. Additional services can also be enabled, such as a built in web server capable of hosting up to thirty sites at once, or an add-on email server. Remote access has been further enhanced with apps available for free on Android and iPhone smart phone platforms.


“The DS1511+ is the most scalable and full-featured NAS of its class,” said Franklin Hua, a Technical Marketing Manager at Synology America. “With the DS1511+ so affordable and packed with all the features Synology is known for, why would anyone choose DAS? This is a tremendous value.”

Priced under $900, the new DiskStation runs Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0, including all the features that entails. DSM 3.0 offers users an intuitive desktop-like interface to simplify access to the DiskStation, whether locally or remotely. With its user-friendly Storage Manager and Synology Hybrid RAID, users can quickly and easily create redundant volumes.

DSM 3.0 also brings a rich integrated feature set for business users. Enhanced iSCSI support (including MPIO and MC/S) allows businesses to consolidate their storage without the cost and complexity of a SAN (storage area network). ADS integration allows use of existing domain users and groups for domains up to 100,000 users and groups. Access control lists (ACLs) allow file-level privilege control using NTFS-style permissions.

The DS1511+ also includes Surveillance Station 5, turning it into an affordable NVR (network video recorder) solution quickly. Surveillance Station 5 offers a unified interface for multiple cameras, and supports over 700 models of IP camera. In addition, the DS1511+ is backed by a competitive 3 year warranty and in-house technical support at no extra cost.

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