The End of an Era, Say Goodbye to the Zune


Yes it’s a sad, sad day indeed the Zune is officially dead, well sort of, almost. According to Bloomberg Microsoft will be discontinuing the Zune because of weak demand. It’s understandable I guess as everything is an iPod these days. There’s going to come a time when the only mp3 player you can get is the iPod. Apple has effectively saturated the market and pushed all others out. The iPod has become the mp3 player, my kids 5, 9 and 10 call everything an iPod and it annoys me to no end really. My wife uses a Sandisk and I have two Zunes but the kids call them iPods. The other day I was using my Samsung Captivate and my 5 yr old says  “Dad, I didn’t know you had an iPod Touch!” and I of course had to correct him that no it was NOT an iPod Touch.  Both Zunes I own are excellent players, I also own two iPods but they sit collecting dust on the shelf and there they will stay…  Sadly the Zune is no more, yes it’s a sad days for us Zune owners hoping for anther generation of excellent products. The good thing though is that Microsoft promises to keep supporting the Zune and developing the software for use on phones etc. So there is a small bright side to it, I guess I have to sell off my Captivate now and get a Windows phone…