Tiny Troopers Comes to Windows Phone

Wow, Tiny Troopers came out a long time ago didn’t it? I like Windows Phone, I’ve had a couple of them but I went back to Android and this is primarily the reason, apps and games don’t  come to Windows phone or they come a long long time later.  It’s a shame really, Windows phone is a great platform but when it doesn’t do the things I want and need it to do then what’s the point? Anyway, enough of that rant, this post is about Tiny Troopers and the fact that it is now available on Windows phone and the price is free!

The new Windows Phone publishing startup Game Troopers today launches its first title, Tiny Troopers. Tiny Troopers has received millions of downloads on iOS and Android and is one of the most adored shooters available in any app store.

“Tiny Troopers is a bunch of cute, adorable little buddies that run around shooting things.  What else could you ask for?” said Game Troopers CEO, Jesús Bosch. “The game was so popular on iOS and Android that we had to bring it to Windows Phone and make it our first release. We know people are going to love it.”


The Windows Phone market continues to grow, generating a huge opportunity for game developers.  “Game Troopers was founded to make it easy for developers to bring their games to Windows Phone. We do the hard work and you get a lot more users and revenue,” said Joshua Segall, Managing Partner for Game Troopers.

Tiny Troopers games have more than 13 million downloads on iOS and Android. “It is very exciting to see our game on a new platform. Game Troopers have made excellent work on the port and I believe Windows Phone users are in for an experience unlike anything that has been available on the platform so far,” said Kukouri CEO Kim Soares.

Tiny Troopers includes Xbox Live features and is available globally on Windows Phones starting today.  

The game is available now here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=8092895d-a94e-4e0d-9285-27ed52fff5d0