U.S. Cellular Entices Smartphone Newcomers and Pros With Value-Packed $69.99 Primary Plus Plan

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U.S. Cellular introduced a new $69.99 Primary Plus Plan that offers 5GB of data with unlimited text, picture and video messaging, and free GPS Navigation. The monthly service plan also comes with 450 voice minutes with free incoming calls from any phone, free nights and weekends and free mobile-to-mobile calls. That’s not too bad really..

Launched Oct. 1, The Belief Project recognizes customer loyalty with national bundled rate plans that offer customers the freedom to enjoy benefits without signing a new contract – like new phones at promotional prices every 18 months that can be accelerated with points. Customers receive valuable rewards that can be redeemed for faster phone upgrades in as little as 10 to 11 months depending on their plans. Rewards may also be used for additional lines, phones, accessories, and ringtones. The Belief Project includes the industry’s only Phone Replacement program that allows customers to bring in their accidentally broken or malfunctioning phone and get a replacement of the same or a similar model. If a customer’s phone is lost or stolen, they can receive the same or similar replacement phone for $100. Customers also can save up to 5 percent on their monthly plans for setting up autopay and paperless billing.


The Belief Project also includes new family plans that may appeal to smartphone fans, including the Essential Plus Family Plan that comes with two lines for $139.99 per month with 1,500 shared minutes, unlimited messaging and 5GB of data per line. The Premium Plus Family Plan offers two lines with unlimited minutes and messaging, 5GB of data per line, Phone Replacement and GPS Navigation for $179.99 per month.

"We’re continuing to pull out all the stops to show our customers that they are the most appreciated consumers in wireless," Ferber added. "Our associates are happy to help customers choose the best Belief Plan for them and to show them how to get the most out of their smartphone."

For more information about the Primary Plus Plan and The Belief Project, visit uscellular.com.

About The Belief Project

Launched Oct. 1, 2010, The Belief Project is a game changing, first-of-its-kind way of doing business in wireless that recognizes customer loyalty with freedom from continuous contracts and valuable rewards for customers including faster phone upgrades at promotional prices, accessories and companion lines, all on bundled national rate plans.

With "no contract after the first," new customers fulfill an initial two-year commitment and never have to sign another contract again. Existing customers who switch to the new Belief Plans can simply finish the remainder of their current term without extending their current contract.

As soon as a customer signs up for one of the new Belief Plans, they automatically begin earning Belief Points simply for being a customer. Points can be redeemed for things people actually want such as faster phone upgrades at promotional prices, additional lines, phones, accessories, ringtones and forgiveness of overage charges.

The Belief Project also includes the industry’s only phone replacement program and offers customers the opportunity to save up to 5 percent on their monthly plan through autopay and paperless billing.

These industry-leading initiatives were developed to address consumers’ common frustrations with wireless, elevate the customer experience and create a human relationship, not a contractual one.


Web Site: http://www.uscellular.com

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