Upgrade Your TV to a Smart TV With the NETGEAR NeoTV

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Streaming boxes are everywhere it seems, there are so many choices. I guess when you decide you need one you have to weigh your options and see who offers what. The new Netgear NeoTV offers a lot I think for a rather low price when compared to other out there. The NeoTV can stream 1080p over wired or wireless and it comes complete with several channels pre-loaded and even some games. It does come with a remote but can also use your iPhone or Android device as one, I guess it’s like a backup remote! The NeoTV pretty much does everything you might need it to for only $79.99. It doesn’t have any built-in storage but do you really need it? it will be available in late September if you’re interested.

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NETGEAR NeoTV Streaming Player (NTV200), instantly turns any television with an HDMI port into a smart TV connected to a world of streaming movies, TV shows, music, videos, news and games from Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and many other sources, with more planned after launch. Available later this month for just $79.99, the NeoTV Player offers the best combination of content and features among streaming players priced under $100.

It couldn’t be easier – use the free NeoTV Remote app to turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a remote control for the NeoTV Player to get fast access to thousands of movies and TV shows from Netflix, hundreds of 1080p HD new movie releases from Vudu and millions of short videos from YouTube. Additional NeoTV Player channels include Pandora, Napster, Picasa, blip.tv, Crunchyroll, Revision3 and many more.

The NeoTV Player brings you a wide choice of news and information through channels such as The Economist, Engadget, Make Magazine, TED and TMZ; and connects you to friends through Facebook and Twitter channels. Vudu Apps, a companion to Vudu HD movies, offers a wide selection of free channels with videos, music, photo browsing, news, weather and social networking. When it’s time to play, there’s a collection of free casual games including Blackjack Royale, Rockswap Adventures and Texas Hold’em.

As the leader in home networking, NETGEAR provides two easy ways to connect the NeoTV Player to the Internet – through built-in high-speed 300Mbps WiFi, perfect for delivering 1080p HD streaming, or through an Ethernet cable. The player also has optical audio out (S/PDIF) for high-quality surround sound. For those without a smart phone, the NeoTV Player comes with a regular remote control.

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To learn more about the NETGEAR NeoTV Streaming Player and where it can be purchased, please visitwww.netgear.com/ntv.

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