Ventev Launches EcoCharge Wall Charger for Mobiles


The EcoCharge is available now from Ventev for $29.99 with mini-USB or MicroUSB, and there’s even an  iPhone/iPod version coming in April as well. The idea behind the EcoCharge is that it doesn’t draw any power when you’re not using it, even if it’s still plugged in. We all know about those energy vampires out there, the EcoCharge is eliminating that in its own way. The EcoCharge is also slim designed so it won’t cover other electrical outlets like other chargers out there do.


eco2 eco1



They also mention the PowerCell as well:

PowerCELL, a rechargeable power supply that lets users recharge

USB-friendly devices while on-the-go. Its compact design offers easy
storage and mobility, and it’s ready when needed, even after months of
storage. LED indicator lights show just how much charge is remaining.

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