Windows 8 Beta Arriving on February 29th

Yep, it’s finally here for the public. Well almost here, in 20 days the public will be able to download and play with the beta version of the new Microsoft operating system named Windows 8. If you have a Windows phone, and I do, then you’ll be familiar with the looks of it, but using it on a desktop will be a whole different thing I would think. I grabbed the developer beta but never installed it, I was going to but just never did, I decided to wait for more of the bugs to be ironed out and that time has come I guess. I’ll be grabbing it on the 29th for sure, and I know many other people will be as well.

screenshot_lockScreen_web screenshot_startScreen_web


Quote: In sunny Monte Carlo, the haute couture revelations are matched only by the inside info unleashed by the major corporation’s executives. While Microsoft themselves were tight-lipped, we managed to discover the Windows 8 mega-beta-launch date.