World’s First Commercial Laser Pico Projector Adds Big Screen Experience to Mobile Devices

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Cited as a 2010 CES Innovations Honoree by an independent panel of judges, Microvision’s Made for iPod® SHOWWX™ Laser Pico Projector, powered by the PicoP® display engine, delivers a colorful, vivid “big screen” viewing experience from a device about the size of a mobile phone. The SHOWWX can also connect to other portable media players, mobile phones and notebooks to spontaneously share movies, photos, presentations and more with their friends, family or business associates. Initial shipments to distributors in Asia-Pacific and Europe began in late September 2009.

“Interest and demand for this product is very strong and we’re excited to have the SHOWWX as our center piece at CES,” stated Ian Brown, Microvision Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We have created a unique and engaging presentation for attendees which is sure to drive awareness of the product’s key features and benefits. We look forward to introducing the product in additional customer channels during 2010, with a planned Microvision direct campaign in the U.S. targeted for March.”

Utilizing lasers as the light source and a proprietary microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) single scanning mirror within the PicoP display engine, the SHOWWX provides a very different viewing experience from pico projectors that rely upon traditional display technologies. The capabilities of the laser-based PicoP display engine include infinite focus, wide field of view and bright, vivid colors. As a result, consumers can project a widescreen, WVGA (848 X 480 pixels), DVD-quality image onto virtually any surface. The images projected can range up to 200 inches (5.0 meters) in size depending upon the surrounding ambient light.

In addition to the public exhibition of SHOWWX, Microvision will be hosting private meetings with key prospects regarding the integration of the PicoP display engine into their next-generation devices. These product opportunities vary widely from innovative gaming platforms to other multi-media devices that would benefit from an integrated laser-based projector.

About Microvision

Microvision provides the PicoP display technology platform designed to enable next-generation display and imaging products for pico projectors, vehicle displays and wearable displays that interface with mobile devices. The company’s projection display engine uses highly efficient laser light sources which can create vivid images with high contrast and brightness. For more information, visit the company’s website ( and corporate blog (