WowWee Launches Several New Toys and Gadgets at CES

My favorite company, WowWee, has just announced some new stuff at CES. One of the things is the MiPosaur which very much reminds me of their old WowWee MiPosaur


The MiPosaur is a highly intelligent robotic creature with an incredible, evolving intelligence and personality. It can sense its own surroundings and environment, and interact with them in a unique and lifelike way. In addition to featuring GestureSense technology that lets you control it with the swipe of your hand, the MiPosaur has sturdy MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum, created with the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab) balance and comes with an interactive TrackBall equipped with BeaconSense technology. With it, the MiPosaur can chase the trackball, play with it, guard it, as well as alter its moods depending on the various interactions.  The MiPosaur is fully interactive with the MiP robot and a BLE enabled app, compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices, and will feature exciting and engaging games. MSRP $119.99 Mid Q3 2015 Release

Snap Pets™

Snap Pets is a fun and easy-to-use camera which sends photos wirelessly to an app via Bluetooth, and also works as a remote (shutter button) for your smart-device’s camera. It’s perfect for group pictures without any distortion or contortion. Snap Pets is also the ULTIMATE SELFIE TOOL! Take selfies by simply looking into the lens on the Snap Pet, then pressing on the Snap Pet’s ear and your all set. MSRP $29.99 Q2 Release

WowWee will also be featuring new MiP accessories including an attachable Bluetooth camera, as well as MIP™ in Color.  Check out the biggest sound from the smallest speaker, the Groove Cube™, new Elektrokidz™, and WowWee classic robots from the past decade.

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