You Can Get the PowerA MOGA Today in Stores!

Yep, as of today Android gamers can experience a new level of gaming with the MOGA from PowerA. If you have Best Buy or Toys ‘R’ Us nearby you can stop in and test it out before playing. The demo is only at select stores though, so call ahead and see.  You can also pick it up at GameStop, Walmart, Amazon and Target with a price of $49.99. Details and several pictures below for you..


MOGAbyPowerA_Media_Phone_Front MOGAbyPowerA_Media_Phone_Hero MOGAbyPowerA_Media_Tablet_Front MOGAbyPowerA_Retail_InOutPkg MOGAbyPowerA_Retail_Phone_Back MOGAbyPowerA_Retail_SlightOpen_3qtr_3 MOGAbyPowerA_Retail_Top 

Gamers will finally be able to have a console quality experience on their mobile devices today as PowerA™ announced that the MOGA™ Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+ is now available in retail outlets in the U.S. MOGA, the first complete mobile gaming system for Android smart phones and tablets, is now available in more than 7,000 stores including Best Buy, Walmart, Toys"R"Us, Fred Meyer, Gamestop and a nationwide network of additional retailers. It is also available through Amazon and

"MOGA has really captured the imagination of the development community and consumers. We are ecstatic that mobile gamers can finally get their hands on MOGA today," said Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA. "With huge support at retail that is far beyond what we could have possibly imagined, and a strong in-store demo program, gamers will now be able to experience the right way to game on their mobile devices."

Hands-on demo stations are now available at Toys"R"Us and select Best Buy stores allowing gamers to try out MOGA before they buy.

MOGA has attracted support from top mobile developers and publishers who want to bring console-like precision and control to their Android phone and tablet-based games. Gameloft, Ratrod Studios, Atari, Namco Bandai, SEGA, Vector Unit, Remedy Entertainment and other acclaimed publishers have committed to developing MOGA Enhanced games. Today more than 45 games, including blockbuster titles such as The Dark Knight Rises HD, N.O.V.A. 3, Sonic CD, Death Rally, Dungeon Hunter 3, and more have been MOGA Enhanced. New game titles, developers and publishers are coming on board each month. For a complete list of games that support MOGA, visit

MOGA combines three key innovations into a single powerful system. The MOGA Controller is the first state-of-the-art, full-featured controller designed specifically for mobile devices. Pocket-sized, portable and connected via Bluetooth® wireless technology, the MOGA Controller features the controls that mobile gamers and developers demand: dual analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, four action buttons and standardized start and select buttons. In addition, the MOGA Software Development Kit (SDK) provides mobile game developers greater precision, robust control and enhanced display abilities while enabling fast, efficient development of rich new game titles and MOGA enhancement of existing titles. Finally, the MOGA™ Pivot App enables gamers to easily browse, find and play a list of MOGA Enhanced Games in one convenient location. MOGA Pivot App will be available free via Google Play.

The MOGA system will initially support Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher mobile devices.