ZAGG Introduces New Universal Keyboard

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Now this is more like it! The new Zagg Zaggkeys Universal is a keyboard that can work with any device, be it Android, Windows or iOS, yes it can work with all of them! Why can’t more products be like this? Why do companies limit themselves to only one platform? It makes no sense really when you limit the compatibility you’re limiting the buyers or your product thus limiting your own income. The Zaggkeys will work with anything so you buy one and it works with all of your devices, sounds good to me!



ZAGG Inc introduced its latest Bluetooth® keyboard for mobile devices, the ZAGGkeys™ Universal. A thin, versatile keyboard, the ZAGGkeys Universal will pair and function with Apple® iOS®, Windows and Android devices.

The ZAGGkeys Universal is a remarkably thin full size keyboard compatible with virtually any mobile operating system. It comes in a protective case that doubles as a stand, allowing it to work with almost any tablet or smartphone. Also featuring an innovative, ergonomic curved design with Island-style keys, similar to those on traditional keyboards, the ZAGGkeys Universal provides maximum comfort with ample finger room, even during marathon typing sessions. The Universal’s rechargeable battery lasts for up to three months of regular use.

“The new ZAGGkeys Universal is the most versatile keyboard available and will be an invaluable accessory for anyone who wants to be more productive on the go,” said Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing at ZAGG. “This is a great new addition to our award-winning keyboard line.”

The ZAGGkeys Universal is available online and at select retail outlets for $69.99. For more information about ZAGG, its brands and its product portfolio, visit

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