8 Services to Boost Your Academic Performance

Without a doubt, colleges and universities are the best time to discover who you are. You are having the best time of your life, but it also can be stressful. You have to balance your life and academic progress and always stay updated. Your academic progress is always the priority you need to consider.

Therefore, you should look for services that would be your allies in this journey. From nailing your essays to time-management skills, you can find it all in this list. Good luck, and remember that success comes to those who work!



Perfect Your Editing and Proofreading Skills With Studyfy

Studyfy is a place that connects students with dozens of useful resources. There’s a blog with hundreds of free guides, tests you can take and essay samples. This is a perfect place to learn new information and help you understand the course materials better.
An essential part of creating an A+ paper is editing and proofreading. It sounds boring and tiresome, and most students skip this step before submitting their work. However, it is important to always double-check your structure, arguments, and language. If you are not sure how you can improve your editing skills, you can always contact professionals. You can also order paper proofreader services.

Besides, apart from having a professional proofread your paper, you can hire a tutor who will teach you everything they know.

Master the Art of Essays With Paperwriter

Writing papers, on the other hand, is something that you have been doing since high school. For some, it is quite a wild ride making sense of all those instructions. Others manage to get through it after sitting over their papers night and day. Nevertheless, writing is always a complicated process, and no one is born with perfect skills.

Professional services with academic assistance should provide you with top-notch help. PaperWriter lands you a helping hand when you are puzzled with a question “how do I write paper?” and have nowhere else to go. It is always important to get help in time. Don’t wait till your deadline is around the corner, and try to make the most of your essay writing.

Avoid Typos and Mistakes With Grammarly

Even the best of us make small mistakes and typos when we write emails or communicate in chats. But if you need to make a good first impression or stay on a professional level, you need a service that will check you and back you up. Grammarly is designed to help students and workers all around the globe make their experience smoother.

Free of charge, you can check your writing and make it more professional. It looks for better vocabulary choices and corrects your spelling. It also suggests better syntax choices and allows you to look at your writing as a space of possibilities. Do not hesitate to get an extension or use Grammarly via a website.

Improve Your Memory With Quizlet

Every semester and new course you have to study more and more concepts. It is sometimes hard to grasp all new ideas and make sense of them. Especially from long readings and extra literature you have in the curriculum. Don’t worry; many people struggle with it; that’s why you have to find the best way to boost your memory and academic performance.

Quizlet has been around for almost fifteen years. It has proven to have a beneficial impact on school and college students in activating memory with flashcards. You have to spend some time with the service to see how easy it is to use it and how it can improve your memory. Without a doubt, Quizlet is a good choice to have some fun while studying.

Take Your Notes to Another Level With Evernote

Having neat class notes is a must for your academic performance and good grades. Your notes are the treasure that allows you to memorize and navigate through material better. If you create a routine of making notes and keeping them organized, you achieve half of success. Therefore, you may need a service that provides you with the best note-keeping solutions.

Evernote allows you to sync your documents across various devices and platforms. You can easily scan your handwritten notes or make them in the app. You can put tags and categories and access your study materials anytime, anywhere. You also can share your notes and collaborate with classmates on team projects.

Break Down Study Sessions With Pomodoro

You may have heard that longer study sessions are less productive than shorter ones. We feel exhausted without small breaks and more unmotivated if trying to read everything in hours dedicated to reading or writing essays. That’s because the human attention span is quite limited. When we attempt to overload our brains with new information (or repetition), it overwhelms us.

Pomodoro technique is based on dividing 30 minutes into 25 minutes dedicated to studies and 5 minutes for a short break. It is essential to get a deal with yourself that in 25 minutes no multitasking or outside interference would happen. As soon as you unlock the secret of this technique, your ability to focus and perceive new information will skyrocket.

Eliminate All Distractions With Cold Turkey and Freedom

Checking what’s going on in other tabs is a big problem for everyone. We all have tried to multitask, and it always proves to be a bad idea. A successful study session requires not only the timer but also the elimination of all possible distractions. We can’t turn off the world around us, while we can block some websites and apps.

Cold Turkey would be a perfect choice for your laptop and PC, while Freedom suits the same purpose for your phone. You can choose the categories of websites and for how long they should be blocked. You can manually put the specific most frequently visited websites. At first, it would be frustrating to be cut off from your main source of procrastination, but you would see immediate results in your studying progress.

Track Your Progress With Clockify

Many people struggle with their academic performance because they need more organization. Surely, everyone is different, and some people prefer chaos over order. The choice to get a time management and track program should also come from a place of being ready to use it. As you figure out all your daily routines and have creative control over your time, your studying will become more productive.

If you are one of those people who would like to acquire an effective time-management app, Clockify was designed for you. A user-friendly interface and various free features allow you to make sense of your daily routines. You also can invite your friends and share progress when working on team projects.