BodyGuardz Clear Protection for AT&T Tilt 8925


The other day Tom took a look at the BodyGuardz for his iPhone, today I’ve got it for myPhone… couldn’t resist that one… anyway, I’ve got the BodyGuardz for my AT&T Tilt and I had a bit of a different experience with this product than Tom did. The BodyGuardz for the Tilt comes in six pieces as opposed to the two pieces that’s needed for the iPhone. So without further chatter from me, continue on to see how it worked out for me…

All the BodyGuardz pretty much come in the same type of box with similar contents, for the Tilt there’s a strip across the box that identifies it.

DSCF5979 DSCF5980

Inside we find the pack of two separate BodyGuardz for the Tilt, squeegee and a bottle of spray, which is really just baby shampoo according to the instructions.

DSCF5986 DSCF5988 DSCF5989 DSCF5990

Included with the actual sheets of the BodyGuardz is a diagram to let you know what goes where. I took a few pictures of the actual BodyGuardz, but being they’re clear it was pretty hard to do.

DSCF5995 DSCF5996 DSCF6015 DSCF6016


BodyGuardz Clear Protection for AT&T Tilt 8925

BodyGuardz are a clear film that covers the body and screen of an AT&T Tilt 8925, these protectors are made from the same material that is used to protect the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements.

Tough and durable, you can be assured that your AT&T Tilt 8925 is protected by BodyGuardz. Easy to apply, BodyGuardz are designed to offer full body and screen protection to your device while letting the beauty and design of the device shine through. BodyGuardz are optically clear. The protection remains transparent without distorting the dimension or design of your device. Whether it’s keys in your pocket or that occasional drop, BodyGuardz will protect the exterior of your AT&T Tilt 8925 from scratches.
BodyGuardz material is the same material used to protect cars from scratches, sometimes referred to as car bra material.

BodyGuardz are designed to remain on your device as long as you want protection. BodyGuardz adhere using an adhesive that holds the protector in place, but can be removed when needed. BodyGuardz will not come off unless the user pulls them off. They can be peeled off when needed and do not leave behind a sticky residue.

* 2 Complete AT&T Tilt 8925 BodyGuardz Protectors (covers everything including screen)
* BodyGuardz Application Solution
* Squeegee Card
* Application Instructions

* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
* Clear Full Body and Screen Scratch Proof Protection
* Improved Grip
* FREE First Class USPS Shipping (Within U.S. Only)
* Same Day Shipping

BodyGuardz for AT&T Tilt 8925
Product Code: NL-BATT-1107
Price: $24.95

As we know the kit I got is for my Tilt:


Now when I fist got this product I was planning on doing a video of me applying it to my phone, that didn’t work out too well for me though, so you’re spared a video today…

So according to the instructions you need to take out the spray and spray your hands then spray the adhesive side of the BodyGuardz, ok fine, did that, didn’t work out too well for me actually.

As I said I was going to do a video, but I was already at the 9 minute mark in the video and I still didn’t even have the top piece on yet, I got the screen protector part on, but the top part just wasn’t going on for me at all. So I turned off the camera and continued to fiddle around with it until I got rather frustrated, ripped it off, threw it away and grabbed the second one to start anew.

According to the instructions you can’t use too much of the spray, well in my case you can, and no I didn’t dump the bottle on my phone, the spray actually makes it so the adhesive doesn’t stick so you can move it around if need be, but the Tilt has so many curves and grooves, not sticking is a bad thing when applying as it just keeps popping back off.

Once I figured out to use very little or none at all of the solution things worked much easier for me. The Tilt has a flat appearance to it, meaning it’s not shiny, the back is not shiny at all, while the sides are more of a semi gloss, and so is the metal on the front, when the BodyGuardz is on the phone everything is very glossy, it kinda looks like a different phone really.

DSCF6930 DSCF6937

After the first try, it only took me about 30 minutes to get all of the pieces on the Tilt, and then another few minutes doing a bit of trimming as I found it didn’t quite fit exactly perfectly.

Here are several shots of the BodyGuardz on my phone, some with flash and some without:

DSCF6942 DSCF6944 DSCF6946 DSCF6947 DSCF6950 DSCF6953 DSCF6954 DSCF6957 DSCF6958 DSCF6959 DSCF6962 DSCF6974 DSCF6978

Here are the parts that didn’t quite fit correctly, overlapped and needed a bit of trimming:

DSCF7004 DSCF7005 DSCF6966 DSCF7006 DSCF6964

You can’t really see in the pictures but I also had to trim around the entire top as the BodyGuardz didn’t really line up with the earpiece correctly, and the front face sits lower than the edge so there was a bubble all the way around the face of the phone. I tried to push it down several times but it just kept popping back up, so I took a razor and carefully made a slit all the way around the front face of the phone to get rid of the bubble.

For the most part it works well with the Tilt, if you noticed on the sides of the Tilt there are grooves, I had to take the little squeegee card and push the BodyGuardz down into the grooves or else it just looked odd, like a big bubble.

Another thing that the instructions say is to not turn on your device for at least 12 hours after applying, for me this isn’t a big deal as I’ve got several phones, but for some people that just might not work well at all.

The first thing I noticed after I got the BodyGuardz on my Tilt was that it wasn’t smooth anymore, and what I mean is that you can really feel the edges of the BodyGuardz, the Tilt is smooth and rounded, but with the BodyGuardz in place is has these raised, hard edges now in several places.

There is a texture to the BodyGuardz, a non-slip texture really so you will have a better grip on your phone.

While I was doing my trimming I also noticed that the material is fairly hard to cut even with a razor knife, so that’s a good thing actually as we know the material is durable.

It doesn’t really add any thickness to the phone at all, but it does entirely change the look and feel of it, it immediately becomes a high gloss, shiny phone with a semi-smooth texture, and with rough edges.

DSCF5979DSCF5986 DSCF5988DSCF6588

If you go back to Tom’s review of the BodyGuardz for his iPhone, it was much easier for him to apply it than it was for me, so depending what you device you have, your experience will differ from mine, I’m just telling it like I see it.

The BodyGuardz isn’t a bad product overall, it does add good protection for your Tilt, along with being clear so you can still easily see everything and the phone itself and it adds a non-slip grip so you won’t accidentally drop your phone.


Good protection for your phone
Kit includes two sets
Non-slip grip
Clear, almost like it’s not there

Takes a lot of time and patience to apply
Must wait at least 12 hours to use device after applying
Changes the look and feel of device
Didn’t quite fit my phone, needed trimmed a bit

Overall score-8-10
Design score-7-10
Performance score-8-10

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