Goaaal! iPhone Game Reviewed


Skyworks Interactive Inc., recently entered the iPhone video game market like gangbusters and with the continued success of creating interactive games such as Field Goal Frenzy, Arcade Hoops Basketball, Batter Up Baseball and a dozen other highly acclaimed game titles, Skyworks Interactive has solidified its reputation as a leading developer of mobile platform gaming software for iPhone. After all, the handy work is attributed to Garry Kitchen and David Crane former Atari programmers and co-founders of the legendary console gaming giant Activision.

Garry Kitchen
With more than 25 years of interactive electronics experience, Garry Kitchen has been involved in multimedia since the beginning. His innovative, patented, hand-held electronic game Bank Shot, marketed by Parker Brothers in 1980, was named one of the 10 best toys of the year by Omni magazine. That same year, anticipating the coming video game revolution, Kitchen back-engineered the Atari 2600 game system, developing Space Jockey, an early 2600 compatible product and one of the first third party games for the platform.

David Crane
David Crane is one of the world’s most successful designers of entertainment software. His award winning video games, led by Pitfall!, Ghostbusters, A Boy and His Blob, and Amazing Tennis are acknowledged as some of the most innovative and popular in the interactive entertainment industry. A founder of Activision in 1979, Crane has consistently produced superb products, as evidenced by his worldwide sales of over 10 million games and wholesale revenues of nearly 200 million dollars.

With accolades and awards spanning over 25 years, these pioneers in the gaming industry continue their tradition of top ranked video game content of one of today’s most popular brands by creating the portable gaming software conglomerate Skyworks Interactive Inc. The company’s strong background and history of ground breaking technology provides gamers around the globe with world class video games and Skyworks does it again with the introduction of Goaaal!

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Goaaal! Is a kicking game based on penalty kicking in the world renowned game of soccer. You will challenge a highly competitive goalie as you attempt to score your best shots. The competition is fierce, giving you quite a challenge on the field. Goaaal! gives you two modes to compete against, Arcade Mode & Progressive Mode. In arcade mode, you have 10 shots to score as many goals and points as you can by flicking (kicking) the ball past the goalie. In Progressive Mode, you will have to get by the goalie and aim for targets, adding to points and giving you the chance to earn additional penalty kicks.

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If you are a soccer fan like I am, you will grow to appreciate Goaaal! With this game title, the stage is set on the soccer field with an eager goalie awaiting your attempt to out-wit and out kick the goal tender. Highly motivated music revs you up for the competition with fans in the background jumping up and down, waving their arms in anticipation of your goal attempt. The goalie stands at the ready to deny you in every way. Attempting to move the ball for better position prompts the goalie to adjust his stance in defiance of your adjustments.

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Do you have what it takes to be the best penalty kicker in the league? Well then put on your cleats, grab your soccer ball, and get ready for GOAAAL! from Skyworks, creators of the best quality and most fun sports games on the iPhone/iPod touch!

In GOAAAL!, you’ll use all your kicking skills to score as many shots as you can from the penalty spot against a progressively more difficult goalie opponent. As you get better at kicking, the goalie reacts faster and protects the goal more aggressively.

To kick “flick” the ball with your finger. Fling from the side of the ball to add spin to it. Hold your finger on the ball for second to reposition it prior to kicking, then lift your finger to return to kick mode.

In Arcade Shootout Mode, you get 10 shots to get as many goals and points as you can. In Progressive Shootout Mode, you’ll start with just 10 chances to score. With every target hit and badge earned, you’ll earn another penalty kick. Catch “on fire” by scoring on 5 shots in a row. As your skill level increases you will be rewarded with badges and bonus points. Whether you call it soccer or football, GOAAL! Will quickly become your favorite kicking game.

Arcade Shootout Mode – Shoot multiple goals!
Progressive Shootout Mode – Hit bonus targets for extra kicks
Earn bonus Badges – Earn badges with special moves!
Sound and music volume controls
Local high score boards
Global high score boards – Compete against players around the world!

Installation size is a modest 4.6MB making this game relatively small in size. Downloading is possible with a 3G connection but even better over Wi-Fi. Goes without saying, but nonetheless, it can be downloaded over your iPhone. Once downloaded I fired up the title, loading time takes approximately 10 seconds in order to get to the start screen, not bad. The interface is very user friendly, and controlling the soccer ball is as easy as sliding your finger a cross the iPhone’s touch pad. Instantly, I liked the graphics, music and background sounds. Three, Two, One, GO! And you’re ready to rock.

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Playing the title is fun and trying to beat the goalie is entertaining. One thing I like about the game play is the fact the goalies artificial intelligence gives off a sense, the goalie is not static and was trying hard to deny you from scoring, it seems like he is getting better at blocking as the game progresses. However, I was getting better too! It wasn’t long before I was pulling off “Hat Tricks” and “Full House’s”. The poor goalie was being dominated by the rookie reviewer!

g10 g11

After you get a “Full House” you are on fire and the soccer ball starts flaming. This is to let you know you are hot to trot, but be careful, the goalie will up the ante and become more competitive giving you a run for the money. Sure enough, I get one past him and the next time he denies me, so I was a bit frustrated and found myself wanting to play dodge ball with the goalie! Hehe!

g12 g13

After completing a couple rounds, I managed to rip off a 1982 total score on my first try, my second, I only faired a little better with 2115. So while this is no world record, the game is very fun to play and kept me involved. One aspect of the game that keeps me intrigued is the fact that each time you get denied, you really want to do better and this adds playing time to my already hectic schedule, I find myself having to set aside the game in order to get things done and that’s a good sign!

g14 g15



Skyworks has produced yet another great title, the game is user friendly, great game play, easy to learn and generally keeps the player enthused to do better. But the game does get a little repetitious, while this is not a bad thing, I feel some gaming geeks out there will get easily bored with it, while others will enjoy it hands down. The graphics are great, the sound quality is equally enjoyable and over all the value of the title is excellent. For $1.99 you can’t complain one bit. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who enjoys soccer or wants a great game at a great value.


Excellent Value
Soccer fans will love it
AI forces higher skill level
Good overall graphics and sounds

Game gets monotonous

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10