The smartphone stand is the Rodney Dangerfield of the peripheral market – it does not get much respect. Most stands hold the smartphone in place but are not always designed for elegance or style. With the popularity of the iPhone and the rise of competitors such as the Palm Pre and Motorola Droid, the stand may regain a prominent role of people’s desktops.

The H1-Touch is a mobile device holder from a company called Luxa2. If you never heard of this company, you’ll be surprised to find out they are a subsidiary of Thermaltake who are well known for their PC related products.

Mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones or any other PDA style smartphone can sit prominently on one’s desk and be easily accessed and viewed while resting in the H1-Touch. Adjustable supports help separate this stand from its competition. It also features two pivot points giving the H1-Touch the ability to be viewed from numerous angles.

With your smartphone resting in the H1-Touch it is simple to display photos, watch movies, surf the web or listen to music; all within the reach of your fingertips. Its industrial design blends perfectly with the newer aluminum iMacs making it a perfect pairing with the iPhone.

The H1-Touch arrives in an eco-friendly cardboard packaging. Luxa2 focuses on “Going Green” by using less packing material, avoid use of hazardous chemicals and be RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant.

Inside the box we find the stand and set of instructions. The H1-Touch stand is composed of aluminum and measures 4.05 x 3.66 x 5.98 inches and weighs 200 g.

H1-Touch01 H1-Touch02 H1-Touch03

There is a tacky black rubbery pad in the center of the holder. At the base of the stand we see Luxa2 logo embossed into the aluminum. On each side of the company name is a Swarkovski crystal. At the base of the stand is another rubbery slip resistant pad.

H1-Touch04 H1-Touch05 H1-Touch06



Turn. Flip. Share.
H1-Touch is an aluminum mobile holder; it’s designed to help you to access all features provided from your mobile device. With H1-Touch supporting your device, you can browse Internet, display photos, and listen to music, keeps you entertained with video and games just flip your fingertips.
Durable Aluminum
With the benefit of corrosive resistant and shiny appearance, H1-Touch is always a focus. To ensure the perfection on every surface, brushed finish process is carefully applied on H1-Touch.

This convenient mobile holder equip with 360 degree angle adjustable dock for different viewing purpose. It can move freely either rotate vertically or horizontally; or flip towards other side, so that you and your friends can have fun together.

Multiple compatibility
With six supports adjustable from 45 mm to 72 mm, H1-Touch can hold the iPhone, iPod Touch, or even PDA smart phones on the market. Construct from solid aluminum, H1-Touch helps you to access all features provided from your mobile device.

Made with CRYSTALLIZED– Swarovski Elements

As the world’s leading manufacturer of crystal, Swarovski combines the most advanced industrial technologies with the exigency of the master craftsman. With the beautifully crafted objects, H1-Touch has re-enchanted its beauty.

Height: 152mm (5.98 inches) Width: 93mm (3.66 inches) Depth: 102mm (4.01 inches)

There are six adjustable supports that can be aligned to securely hold a mobile outright device. The tacky grip in the center keeps the device from flying off the stand.

There are two rotation points for adjusting the position of H1-Touch. The front pivot rotates the holder up to 360° while the rear pivot moves the unit up or down. There is a lot of room for adjustment with his mobile device holder. The only axis you cannot boot to hold on is a horizontal one meaning the holder will not go left or right just up down or 360°.

H1-Touch07 H1-Touch08 H1-Touch09 H1-Touch10 H1-Touch11

Although the H1-Touch seems to be targeting the Apple market with its industrial design, the stand can accommodate a wide range of devices. Other stands usually have fixed arms designed for the specific device it was made for; the H1-Touch fits mobile devices of all sizes including ones in their protective cases.

H1-Touch12 H1-Touch13 H1-Touch14 H1-Touch15 H1-Touch16

The H1-Touch is well constructed and seamlessly matches the motif of the aluminum iMac. Inserting my iPhone was simple and the rubbery support grips kept the phone securely in place. Switching from portrait to landscape simply involves rotating the front pivot 90° in either direction. The second pivot allows the stand to flip the device to the other side of the H1-Touch for sharing the view with other people.

H1-Touch17 H1-Touch18 H1-Touch19

The only draw back to the H1-Touch is the tacky backing does attract dust and once it gets on it seems to stay on. So if your desk is in a dusty environment, beware.

H1-Touch01 H1-Touch03 H1-Touch15 H1-Touch16


The H1-Touch from Luxa2 is a sleek and stylish looking mobile device stand that would fit right in on most any desk. Its adjustable supports allow the stand to hold most any portable smartphone or PDA. The Swarkovski crystal is barely noticeable and makes me wonder why they were added in the first place. Personally I could live without them, but it is not a deal breaker. Overall the design integrates perfectly with the aluminum style Apple products.

Previously I reviewed the Xtand which is a similar aluminum stand to the H1-Touch. Feature wise the Luxa2 model fits more devices and has a wider range of motion while maintaining a very similar appearance. Priced at ten dollars more than the Xtand, the future proof ability of the H1-Touch makes it the better investment.

So far the H1-Touch is the best mobile device stand that I have come across in my testing and will be sitting in front of my iMac for quite some time.

Editor’s Note: The price of the H1-Touch has dropped to $29.95 since the product was received for review, I’m not sure if Tom, the reviewer, knows this or not and still might consider it as ‘Expensive’


+Fits most any mobile PDA/Smartphone
+Sleek industrial design
+Matches perfectly with Apple’s aluminum based machines
+Landscape or Portrait viewing.

-Swarkovski crystal. Why?

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10