Jabra BT3030 Stereo Bluetooth Headset


I don’t know about you but many times I use my phone as my MP3 player if I want to travel light, our phones today have become much more than just phones, they’re complete multi-media devices as well.

Today for review MobileFun has sent me over the Jabra BT3030 Stereo Bluetooth Headset and I have to say that in my time with it I’ve truly come to like this little product. It’s a BT headset yes, but it’s also a stereo headset so you can listen to music with a regular set of headphones. It’s bluetooth so it’s wireless, and it features a full set of controls to play and pause music, raise and lower the volume and skip back and forward between tracks. The BT303 resembles a dog tag, and it’s meant to be worn just like one with the included necklace, or it can be clipped onto your clothes with the included clip. The BT303 is a great little product in both quality and ease of use, if you’re like me and use your phone as an MP3 player then you might want to check this out…

We’ll start off with the video unboxing, then there’s some still pictures of the contents for you:

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Jabra BT3030 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Music & talk meets the streets
Bluetooth just got cool thanks to the BT3030. Not only does it look good, it sounds great. Finally a product that lets you listen to music from your mobile – without damaging your style! Plus the ability to use your own 3.5mm headphones too

Wireless calls and music
BT3030 plays music from any enabled device such as mobile phone and Mp3 player. Play, pause, skip – remote control your music without touching your mobile.* Yep, that’s right – no wires!

Great functionality
No need for phone envy – keep it in your pocket! When a call comes in, your tune pauses and the call connects. A microphone in the dog tag picks your voice up, loud and clear. No hands, no missed calls.

Stylish yet comfortable
The dog tag design keeps the wearing style simple. But if it doesn’t fit your wardrobe, use the optional clip. Your belt, your bag, your trousers – you choose the look, you choose the style.

* Connect 2 devices simultaneously
* Auto Pairing to mobile or other Bluetooth enabled device
* Splash proof – can be used in light rain
* Optional metal chain and removable clothing clip included in the pack
* Supplied with Jabra earphones – 3 different ear bud sizes included in the pack
* Features DSP (Digital Sound Processing) – with acoustic shock protection
* Auto pairing, answer/end call, voice dialing* last number redial*,
* reject a call*, call hold/call wait*, mute, quiet mode, play music*,
* remote control music player
* Bluetooth 2.0 supporting headset – up to 10 meters range

* Up to 8 hours talk time and up to 230 hours standby time
* Music playing time: 7 hrs
* Weight: approximately 30g
* Dimensions: L53.3 mm x W33.6 mm x D9.9 mm
* Charging connector: USB Mini-B, 5-pin
* Charging time: Approximately 2 hours

(*Requires A2DP/AVRCP profile for full operation of features)

Using the Jabra BT3030 is really like any other bluetooth device, just pair it to your phone and you’re ready to go. I’ve just received the new Pantech Reveal for review so I used that for my testing. The Reveal actually has a nice media player in it.

DSCF5380 DSCF5389

The pad lights up blue when you press a button, then turns off after a few seconds. The Jabra logo at the bottom blinks when connected and in use.


Using it as a bluetooth headset for calls is fine, it works just like one would expect.

The sound quality of the headphones is actually fairly decent, if a bit flat though. Since it uses a standard 3.5mm jack you can use your own headphones with it if you wish. Call quality seems fine, I had no complaints about it, but you’ll want to keep the unit on top of your shirt and not underneath it for calls as it muffles the microphone. With the BT3030 hanging from your neck and basically swinging if you walk, the microphone moves a lot, so your voice to the caller might go in and out. It’s not the best out there for calls, but it works.

The main purpose of this product is for music, and there it works very well, especially the range. I left my phone in the living room on the first floor and walked all around my house, I never really lost a single until I went to the attic. I had a clear and perfect signal on the second floor of my house, with no stuttering or anything like that. I’m truly impressed by the range on the Jabra BT3030, and the fact that it easily travels through walls and floors.

Battery life seems fine, I got the rated 7 hours from it while playing music, and while I was using it I didn’t talk for 8 hours, I can see getting that from it.

DSCF4594 DSCF4597 DSCF4604 DSCF5389

At first I wasn’t quite sure about this product, I thought it was more of a gimmicky thing, but after using it a while I grew to like it really. I use my phone as my MP3 player sometimes and this is the perfect thing for doing that. The BT3030 is not exactly small, but there are MP3 players that are larger and this could easily be one really. While you’re using and wearing this someone could think you’ve just got an MP3 player on, but in reality you can also talk with it as well. This product can eliminate the need for carrying both a bluetooth headset and an MP3 player since you can just use your phone as your media player.

I could complain about the sound quality of the headphones, it’s not bad, but not that great either, but since you can use your own there’s really not a problem with them…


+Decent sound quality
+Easy to use
+Can use your own headphones
+Excellent range

-Not the best for calls really


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