Proporta Dual Skin Silicone Case (Apple iPhone 3G)


With its large touch screen, keeping the iPhone out of harms way is sometimes easier said than done. There is a fine line between keeping the aesthetic of the iPhone and providing protection. Today we will look at a product that attempts to do both; the Dual Skin Silicone Case (Apple iPhone 3G) which is made by Proporta, a British based company specializing in gadget accessories for the past twelve years.

The name of the case pretty much describes the product, as it is a two layer silicon case for the latest version of the Apple iPhone. Lets take a closer look at the Dual Skin Silicone Case (Apple iPhone 3G).

The packaging for the Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G is simple and elegant. It comes in a cardboard folder with the case housed in a clear plastic window. The Proporta logo is seen on the top of the package along with a cloth tab on the side with an Aardvark which is the Proporta logo.

Proporta1 Proporta2 Proporta3 Proporta4 Proporta5
The Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G comes in either Black and Charcoal or White and Clear. If you have the black iPhone 3G, you would probably choose the former and the latter for the White iPhone 3G. For this review, I received the Black and Charcoal version. 

Proporta6 Proporta7 Proporta8 Proporta9

The external silicon case is matte black with cut outs for the power button, head phone jack, camera, dock connector and screen. In addition on the back of the case there is a cutout area for a lanyard. Unfortunately either the lanyard is not included with the case or it did not come with my review sample.

There are also three cut out rectangular shapes on the sides of the back, which provide a textured side grip. We find the Proporta name in charcoal gray emblazed on the back of the case. 

Proporta10 Proporta11 Proporta12

The inner silicon is light grey/charcoal and has raised areas along these grips sites that I previously mentioned and over the power, volume and mute switch. The headphone jack, dock connector and camera remain exposed for easy access.

Proporta13 Proporta14 Proporta15 Proporta16 Proporta17


Proporta Dual Skin Silicone Case (Apple iPhone 3G)

Give your Apple iPhone 3G a bit of a hand in the strength (and style) stakes with the Proporta Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G. Two tough, protective skins that not only prevent scratching, but also limit impact damage, as well as complimenting your Apple iPhone 3G in a wide variety of colors.

Cut outs give access to ports and controls so that you can continue to use your device while it’s in the case, as well as the upper layer offering cutouts along the side of your Apple iPhone 3G for anti-slip confidence.

Key Features

* Perfectly fits your Apple iPhone 3G, providing dual layered protection

* Removable leash (lanyard) for easy carrying

* Side grips for added anti-slip confidence

* Fits inside your pocket

* Protection from impacts, scratches, dust and dirt

* Access all ports and controls inside the case

* View your device screen inside the case

Applying the Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G involves stretching the silicon case over the iPhone 3G. If you wish, you can use the inner case by itself or both cases together. Obviously, the iPhone 3G is better protected when using both skins. 

Proporta18 Proporta19 Proporta20 Proporta21 Proporta22 Proporta23

Overall, the Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G fits snuggly over the iPhone 3G. However, the bottom of the case near the dock connector and Home button is loose and not as tight as the rest of the silicon.

Proporta24 Proporta25

The silicon feels comfortable in ones hands and is tacky enough that the phone would not fall out of my hands. One unwanted side effect is that the Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G attracts dust which is especially noticeable on the black case.

The controls are easily accessible. The volume and power buttons are easily pressed through the silicon. The mute switch is totally covered, so feeling when it is engaged is a bit more difficult, but it can be switched with the silicone which overlays it. 

Proporta26 Proporta27

Aesthetically, the case matches the design of the black iPhone 3G and does not ruin the style that Apple strives for so earnestly. 

Proporta28 Proporta29 Proporta30

In terms of protection, the Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G provides a nice protective layer between the iPhones’ exterior and the environment. Unfortunately, the touch screen, the best feature of the iPhone makes it also susceptible to damage is still exposed with this case, so a fall onto the screen will still spell certain doom for the iPhone 3G. Still, not many iPhone cases cover the touch screen or would be able to protect a direct impact on to the screen.

The cases seems like it would be able to absorb a minor bump or fall, however, I would not want to drop the iPhone 3G from a height greater than two feet as I feel the skin would not fully absorb a large amount of trauma.

One thing I did notice rather quickly is the lower area near the iPhone’s Home button, besides not fitting tightly, the outer silicon tended to pucker off the lower charcoal colored layer. These two issues do not affect the function of the case, but does bother the perfectionist in me.

Proporta31 Proporta32

Proporta1 Proporta6 Proporta18 Proporta23


The Dual Skin Silicone Case Apple iPhone 3G is a fine silicon skin case for the iPhone 3G, but it does have some faults that make it hard to recommend over other silicon cases. The laxity of the case near the dock connector and Home button makes the case look worn and stretched before it has ever been used. Also the tackiness which helps the user keep a good grip on the case attracts unwanted dirt and dust.

Protects the outer shell of the iPod
Two layers mean extra protection
Comfortable to hold
Tacky, secure grip

Easily Attracts Dust
Top silicon skin does not sit perfectly flat on bottom skin
Loose fit near the Home button and dock connector.

Overall score-6-10
Design score-6-10
Performance score-7-10