Review of 7" Sylvania SDVD8732 Widescreen Portable DVD Player w/Additional LCD Screen

Today for review I’ve got another product from our friends over at dualdvd1

Once you get the box unpacked you’ll find quite a few things like a carrying case, straps for both players, AS adapter, car cigarette adapter, remote control, two sets of ear buds, A/V and power combination cable and an A/V input cable.

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It includes a carrying case yes, but you can’t actually really carry both screens and the accessories in it as there are no pockets or any kid of separating system in it.

The remote is small, about credit card sized and it’s similar to most other remotes that come with portable DVD players. You’ll find all the familiar functions on it.


The setup includes two 7” LCD screens, one is the main unit while other would be called a slave.


The main unit is the DVD player, it has controls on both the right and left sides of the screen for navigation and basic media controls. Under the controls on each side are the speakers.


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The DVD player itself is actually beneath the screen, the screen opens up and you can just pop your DVD in there.

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On the top edge of the player you’ll see the USB port and SD card slot along with a sliding switch to open the DVD tray.


On the left side you’ll find headphones jack, volume control and power switch.


On the right side is the input for the power, and outputs for power and audio/video for the slave LCD unit.


On the back you’ll just see the identification label and a built-in stand that pops out.

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The slave LCD screen has the same built-in stand as well and speakers on the front.

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On the left side of the slave LCD you’ll find a volume knob, headphones jack, audio/video inputs and a power input.


On the right side is the brightness knob and then on top is the power switch.

dualdvd21 dualdvd20



There is no brightness adjustment on the main LCD itself but you can adjust it in the settings. In the settings though you won’t find too much, but the good thing is you can adjust the parental controls so your kids can’t watch adult rated things.


dualdvd34 dualdvd31

dualdvd32 dualdvd33

You can pop in a USB drive or use an SD card with it. You have to press the mode button to switch over, I tried using a USB drive and for the most part it worked fine, at least it did for pictures.

dualdvd26 dualdvd27 dualdvd28

Videos though were a different story. It doesn’t actually say anywhere that you can play videos from the USB or SD card, but supposedly you can use it for music and photos. I tried videos anyway though and found they didn’t quite work, the player can read Mpeg and Xvid discs, but only play Mpeg via the SD and USB. The video was very jittery and it stuttered a lot, it’s a new, rather fast USB drive so that wasn’t the problem.


The main feature of this product is of course the dual screens that are included. If you’ve got kids you’ll really be able to appreciate having the two screens, especially in the car. One would think that you could use the dual screens anytime you wanted and you’d be thinking wrong sadly, you can only use them when the power is connected.  I was thinking that they included a five hour battery specifically for this feature thinking that you could get at least one movie from the battery while powering both screens, I was wrong. This makes no sense to me really as the main feature is the dual screens, and the battery is high capacity.


Speaking of the car, the straps are fairly easy to get on, but they block the DVD player door so you can’t really swap DVDs. You can swap DVDs, just with a bit of work at it.

The sound is very good from the little speakers, nice and loud actually.  In a care though you might want to keep the windows up if you’re using the DVD player as it’s not that loud.

dualdvd1 dualdvd2 dualdvd8 dualdvd24

The Sylvania  Dual Screen DVD player is a nice idea but just a bit poorly designed in that I and I think most people out there will be under the assumption that you can use both screens while on the battery, but you can’t.

Watching movies, for the most part is enjoyable, it does have decent battery life, but the screen has a lot of light bleeding though that disrupts dark scenes.

The included bag in nice for the accessories, but I don’t really get the point of it as you can’t carry the DVD player and the accessories with you.


+Dual screens, great for kids
+USB and SD ports for pictures, music and other videos
+Seems fairly well made
+Car power cord is nice and long
+Decent battery life

-Light bleeding though
-Can’t use dual screens while using battery
-Some video files don’t play correctly via USB/SD 
-Case doesn’t really hold the DVD player and screen

Overall score-7-10
Design score-7-10
Performance score-8-10

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