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The bem wireless Mobile Speaker let’s you hear what you want, when and where you want, without the old limits of space (put it anywhere), time (pair & play in moments), appearances (six cool or cute colors), cost, or size. In fact, it measures barely 2.5” cubed—that’s slightly smaller than a tennis ball, so when you bring it to the court, it’s less intrusive than your water bottle.

Sound good? Why yes, actually, it sounds great. Rich, precision-tuned…kinda hard to believe, for something so conveniently connected, via Bluetooth, with your smart phone, iPod, tablet, etc.

let’s forget about wires

With bem wireless you can always count on a hassle free music experience. Forget the wires, dump the docks – the only connection will be you with your audio. Rock it from your pocket or while you’re doing all the things your mobile life requires: email, texting, checking facebook or whatever.

Our mobile audio speakers are ready to go wherever you go. Toss it in your backpack for a jam session in the park or in your suitcase for when you chill out in your hotel room. But don’t forget, our Bluetooth devices also clean up your everyday living space. Those wires are an eyesore and we don’t want you to have to live like that.

-About 6 hours of battery life*
-Up to 25ft. of working wireless range
-Aux in and out & mini USB
-Auto pair capable
-Charging and Bluetooth indicators
-Touch-sensitive buttons
-Soft-touch finish
-Approx Size: 2.35” x 2.35” x 2.5”

*Battery life varies by volume and audio type

Includes: 1 mobile speaker, mini-usb cable, 3.5mm cable, USB AC Adapter, user guide

MSRP: $69.99
Price: $62.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

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  1. August 22, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    does this speaker produce 360 degree omni directional sound like the Mighty Dwarf BlueII Bluetooth vibration speaker or is it unidirectional like a standard speaker? Did you try the pairing with another speaker? Did this produce stereo output?

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