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iPhone 4 cases are made from all kinds of materials – silicone, plastic, rubber, polycarbonate, carbon fiber and plants. Plants? Did I just write plant? Yes I did. Bioserie is a company dedicated to creating products that "allow consumers to enjoy the fruits of technology with a clean conscience."

The Bioserie iPhone 4 Case is composed of a material called bioplastic which is made of plants. No petrochemicals are used in the creation of this case. It feels like a hard plastic and seems to provide protection equal to cases made of plastic or polycarbonate. Weighing in at 12 grams it adds little additional weight to the iPhone 4.

The Bioserie iPhone 4 Case comes in a recycled cardboard box with the case visualized through a clear plastic window. I wonder if this plastic is made from plants as well? On the box we see the "Made of Plants" and "Slim and Light" logos.

Bioserie01 Bioserie02

The back of the box displays case features along with a few paragraphs abut the material creation, its environmental friendliness and style of the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case.

Bioserie03 Bioserie04 Bioserie05

Inside the package is the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case; the installation instructions are printed on the cardboard case holder. Bioserie really keeps the packaging down to a minimum with this product which shows they are truly following their environmentally friendly mission statement.


The Bioserie iPhone 4 Case comes in six colors – white, black, red, orange, lush green and forest green. For review we received the Lush Green model.

At initial glance the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case looks like numerous hard shell iPhone 4 cases. Holding it does not reveal any clue to its composition either as it feels like a plastic case.


Bioserie is not shy in revealing the cases composition as the "Made of Plants" along with the Bioserie website is embossed on the inside of the case. Also found on this inside panel are instructions on which side to insert and remove the iPhone.


The case s only 1 mm thick thus adding very little mass to the svelte iPhone 4. On the front at each corner are feet designed to keep the screen protected when the iPhone 4 is placed face down along with locking the iPhone in the case.


All the controls are accessible due to large open areas along the top, bottom and upper left side.


On the back of the case is a cut out leaf pattern with raised and lowered sections. The raised area includes a fine textured surface to help improve the grip of the case.


The Bioserie logo is embossed on the largest elevated "leaf". A carved out area for the camera is present which is designed to prevent hues and unwanted coloring during flash photography.

Bioserie12 Bioserie13


Bioserie14 Bioserie15

With these snap on corners the iPhone rests securely in the case.


The Bioserie case has minimal profile on the front of the iPhone as only the corners are visible.

Bioserie17 Bioserie18

All of the iPhone 4 buttons and connectors can be accessed with the case in place.

Bioserie19 Bioserie20 Bioserie21

The camera opening tapers down towards the camera to prevent any picture artifact or distortion.


Other than the case’s composition, the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case looks, feels and functions like any other plastic/polycarbonate hard shell case. The material feels plastic like and is designed to keep the protected areas of the iPhone 4 safe fro external harm.

The case does not attract lint like silicone or rubber cases. The feel of the case is slightly slick as the bioplastic has a smooth composition; that is probably why Bioserie created the textured elevated pattern on the back of the case.

Aesthetically the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case does not stand out from other hard shell cases. The pattern is ok, nothing groundbreaking or original. If it weren’t for the environmentally friendly take on the product the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case would not be unique in terms of design.

Since this is Bioserie’s first foray into the case market hopefully they will work on the some different takes for the outside of future cases like adding multiple colors.

Bioserie01 Bioserie11 Bioserie17 Bioserie22

Bioserie is to be commended for a truly "Green" product in both manufacturer and packaging. Their bioplastic material seems like an exciting new technology that hopefully be incorporated into other products in the future. Maybe one day we will see a bioplastic PC case. Bioserie is definitely the most Green company that we have encountered at technogog.

That being said the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case is a well crafted first iPhone 4 entry but does not stand out from similar style hard shell cases. If aesthetics are not a big concern and supporting an environmentally friendly company is then the Bioserie iPhone 4 Case is a good choice.


+"Green" iPhone 4 case
+Environmentally friendly
+Durable material

-Pricey for case style

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-8-10

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