Review of Bracketron Xventure Chest Harness for GoPro Cameras

Extreme action video photography cameras such as the GoPro line have become big business. These cameras allow the user to capture all sorts of activities in stunning high definition resolution whether it is video or photo. The trick to getting these unique images captured is the proper use of a camera mount.

Bracketron known for their mounting solutions have numerous mounts that work with the GoPro line along with other camera types. This line is dubbed – Xventure and today we will look at the chest harness version. It is designed to keep the camera centered on the user’s chest whether they are skiing, biking, mountain climbing or most any other adventure.

The Xventure chest harness features two durable side clips for easy on/easy off access. The mounting plate is designed to fit all Go Pro cameras. It has adjustable shoulder and side straps to fit most any body habitus.




The Xventure Chest Harness arrives in a white cardboard box with an image of the device on the front along with a strip of pictures circling the bottom of the box showing various situations where the camera mount may be used in. On one side is a better image of the mount and harness along with an additional mounting screw. On the back is a description of the product in a few languages.

Xventure 01 Xventure 02

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Opening the package we find the harness with a durable Delrin plastic mounting plate. In addition there is an attachment with a standard 1/4″ – 20 thread ending for most cameras, although I would not mount a DSLR on it.

Xventure 05

Xventure 06 Xventure 07


Composed of nylon and plastic, the Xventure Chest Harness is solidly constructed and should absorb most punishment with ease.

The center of the harness features the camera mount and has a typical GoPro style connector. To the left and right of this mount are two clips for easily putting on and taking off the harness. Looking at the back we see another Delrin plastic clip that brings the straps together with the Xventure name printed on the center. Around this clip are straps for adjusting the fit of the Xventure Chest Harness.

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Specifications and Features

Chest Harness

Part #: XV1-565-2

The Chest Harness securely fits to your body, holding your GoPro camera steady and in place to capture all the action.

-Features two durable side clips for easy on/off access
-Adjustable shoulder and side straps
-Durable Delrin Plastic mounting plate fits all GoPro cameras
-One year warranty

MSRP: $44.95

Testing and Usage

Mounting the GoPro camera is simple and should be familiar to any user of the camera. The clip slides out like other GoPro mounts.

Xventure 15 Xventure 17

 Xventure 16


Wearing the Xventure Chest Harness is simple as you can slide it overhead like a shirt or use the clip to put it on. Once properly adjusted it rests snuggly in place.

Xventure 18

Xventure 19


One of the more common way people shoot activities using their Go Pro cameras is with the helmet or head mount. This viewpoint has good points and bad ones.

For instance the camera follows the direction your head is pointed which is usually a good thing. Of course the drawback to this is you get the “Blair Witch” effect during filming which can be slightly nauseating when viewing back at a later point.

Another drawback to wearing to wearing the camera on one’s head is that it can fall off. I found this out the hard way as I knocked my Go Pro off during a recent Tough Mudder while diving into the Arctic Enema event. For those unfamiliar with this event, it’s a dumpster full of water (usually muddy) and ice. This led me to dive back in a second time and blindly fish for my camera; luckily I found it on my 1st attempt. Brrrr.

Depending on what type of action you are filming will require adjustment of the camera angle. For biking events the camera should be tilted upward, while events on foot requires a straighter alignment of the camera.

One drawback to using the chest mount is that if you are filming other people in your group or want to capture other details besides the ones in your immediate line of site, then you will need to turn your torso to capture those shots as opposed to just turning one’s head with the helmet/head mount.

If you don’t own a GoPro or want to use a different camera, fear not as the Bracketron Xventure Chest Harness includes a spare bracket that can mount most any camera with tripod screw. This allows the placement of a regular point and shoot and other models of action cameras on the harness. One drawback to this additional arm is more vibration will be transmitted to it during action.



GoPro cameras have numerous mount options and the Bracketron Xventure Chest Harness is excellent choice for filming one’s adventures. It is easy to put on and take off and keeps the camera securely in place.

The harness is priced similar to the GoPro branded version and comes with the additional bracket for mounting other types of camera besides GoPro models. This makes this harness ideal for future proofing as well as not limiting its use to one brand.

For the adventurer that shoots their own video/photos, the Xventure Chest Harness is a must have item.



score-10-10 Recommended


+Simple on and off
+Camera easily adjusted
+Straps allow adjustment of fit
+Better point of view details
+Less vibration than helmet mounting
+Holds the camera securely to the user

-Gets in the way if crawling is required
-Bulky on one’s chest

Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

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