Review of Cocomii Iron Man Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy J3 6 2016

So I recently gave my 12 year old son a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy J3 6 2016 edition and it’s a nice phone really but he wanted a red case like he had for his old phone so I popped on over Amazon and looked for something and found what I thought might be a decent case. I was wrong, the case had mostly good reviews and seemed rugged and like something that might protect the phone, but not really, it’s flimsy and just cheaply made. You can find inexpensive cases for phones that are actually well made, this isn’t one of them. I ended up just giving him an Otterbox case, it’s not red, but it’s a much better case. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features



The case is red and black in color with an instructions sticker inside stuck to the case. The case is plastic with very little rubber for protection around the outside and back. The case itself is very flexible and thin and just feels rather flimsy really, I could easily snap it and break it if I wanted I’m sure.

cocomiicase2 cocomiicase3


I’m using the case with the Samsung Galaxy J3 6 2016 edition and it’s not much larger than the phone in thickness or width really.



To get the phone in the case you just push it in really, it’s easy to do, no problems there. The back of the case has larger opening for the camera, flash and speaker.



The case does have a built-in stand in the back that folds out and it folds back into the case flush. The stand works, but it’s like the rest of the case, very thin.



The case has openings at the top and bottom for the audio jack and microUSB port and the sides have bumps for the buttons.

cocomiicase8 cocomiicase9 

cocomiicase10 cocomiicase11



I bought this case for my son as he wanted a red colored case and in a few days he asked for a better case so even he knew this wasn’t a very good case and he’s only 12 years old.

The case is just very thin, sure it will protect against scratches and such but I highly doubt it will protect against any drops as there really isn’t any rubber inside of the case at all against the phone.

Yes this case is inexpensive but even that doesn’t help much as it just isn’t worth the cost really.

In the end I got an Otterbox case for the phone, much better protection, I should have just bought it first.

+Looks nice
+Built-in stand

-Thin and flimsy
-Not much protection really



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-6-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-5-10

Disclosure: I purchased this product for my personal use and thought a review would benefit other consumers in making an informed purchasing decision.

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