Review of D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L)

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Conclusion and Scores

The D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 has a lot of potential. The specs of the camera are impressive and it is solidly built with the camera resting in a gimbal to provide full tilt and pan capability. Its main problem currently is the software that runs the camera. D-Link’s interface is sometimes unresponsive with delayed camera movements, episodes of audio dropping out and lost network connections. Plus it relies on the often-insecure Java platform, which makes running this system on a Mac more of a challenge.

For the price one would expect a better user experience. While D-Link tries to make the interface simple for the novice, it complicates accessing more advanced options such as changing image quality. Hopefully D-Link will address this with future updates as this is one their premier camera models and there is lots of potential.


+Full-featured hardware
+Good picture quality
+Pan/tilt capability
+IR sensor works well in low light
+Wireless enabled
+Works with Synology Surveillance Station

-Relies on Java for web viewing
-Not inconspicuous
-Jerky pan/tilt
-Sporadic connection failures
-Documentation could be improved


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  3 comments for “Review of D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L)

  1. Andrea Smith
    September 3, 2014 at 10:38 am

    I’ve tried this camera in Xeoma and it works perfectly for me. Everything that I need for home vide surveillance.

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