Review of i-Mego Earth Series Headphones

Up for review today I’ve got the i-mego Earth Series headphones, and they’re green in both color and construction. Not only is the packaging made from recycled material but the headphones themselves are. The MSRP is under $50, so I didn’t expect them to sound amazing, but they aren’t too bad overall.

The packaging is very simple, it’s recycled material, but it looks decent.

earth1 earth2

Opening up the package you’ll only find the headphones.


The cord is four feet long and it ends with gold plated connector.


The band or earpieces are adjustable up and down, and the band is made from flexible plastic. Inside of the band is the i-mego logo and address.

earth6 earth11

The speakers swivel as well to make them fit comfortably on your head.

earth8 earth9

On the outside are green trees.


The speaker or ear pads are very padded for comfort.

earth10 earth7


Earth Series Headphones

Uniquely amongst headphone brands, i-Mego has been inspired to produce a product design that aims to emphasize the importance of environmental issues. The new Earth Series combines its stylish ‘globe’ design and bright colours with the use of eco-friendly materials and packaging – recycled paper and rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate).

-High performance 40mm drivers
-Unique Design
-3.5mm Stereo plug
-Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz
-Impedance: 32ohms
-Sensitivity: 105 +/- 5db

MSRP: $44

I tested the i-mego Earth Series headphones with both my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and with my Zune HD.


I listened to several types of music on both my Zune and phone and watched a bit of a movie as well on my phone.

I found the Earth Series to be rather muffled sounding, when compared to other sets of earbuds I’ve got. There’s really no treble or highs at all, but there is a bit of bass to them. Not overpowering, but it’s there if you turn up the volume. They’re really just missing something from the overall sound that comes from them.

I do have to take into account here that they have an MSRP of only $44, which is inexpensive when it comes to headphones surely.

The build quality though seems very good. The headband in very flexible, and they do have a lot of room for adjustment so they’ll fit any head size or shape.

The pads are thick and comfortable for long periods of use, but I noticed that they do feel tight when on your head. I’m hoping that after wearing them for a time they’ll relax a bit and not be so tight.

earth1 earth3 earth4 earth9


For the price the i-mego Earth Series headphones aren’t bad at all.

I wouldn’t pay much more than the MSRP though, they just don’t sound very full, they’re missing something from the range of sounds that they output.

They are fairly comfortable though, and of course you have to give them credit for being Earth friendly.


+Low price
+Earth friendly

-Sound is muffled

Overall score-8-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-8-10

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