Review of iDapt i4 Universal Charging Station

Individual device chargers are notorious for taking up space whether it is on the counter or in a drawer. Assorted plugs and cables can make the neatest areas look cluttered. Todays review item – the IDAPT i4 helps address this issue by providing charging capacity for up to four devices at once. It uses an interchangeable tip system to work with over 4000 mobile electronic devices.

Unlike induction-based universal charging solutions the IDAPT i4 is a plug and play system. The system includes six tips which should cover most electronic devices.

The IDAPT i4 arrives in a white cardboard box with drawn images of the device on the front and a list of features with photos of the unit in action on the back.


The side of the box displays the six available tips, which include – iPhone/iPad, mini-USB, micro-USB, Samsung, Nokia 2 and Sony Ericson 2.


Besides these tips inside the package we find the charging station, an AC power cord, user manual, quick start guide and registration card.



The charging station comes in numerous colors and for today’s review we received the gold version. I personally do not care for the gold, but there are seven colors to choose from so don’t fear.

The charging station measures 16.9 x 13.5 x 3.2 cm and weighs 300 grams. A colored plastic with a black base covers the surface. On the top there are three charging bays where the interchangeable tips are inserted.


Adjacent to these wells are two ejection buttons for releasing the tips. In front of each charging site is an LED, which turns red when charging and green when fully powered. On the bottom right is the IDAPT i4 logo.


Towards the top section there is a power switch. On the bottom are four rubber feet to keep the IDAPT i4 from sliding around. IDAPT offers additional tips for specific devices but the included ones should cover most new electronic devices including iPods, Zunes, GPS units and PSPs.



IDAPT provides one additional charging location with a USB connector that sits off the right side of the IDAPT i4.




iDapt i4 is an innovative charging solution that can charge up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously and is compatible with over 4,000 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products.

The IDAPT i4 features an interchangeable tip system making it completely customizable.  It has 3 charging points and an additional USB charging point, allowing users to charge their electronics without the mess of tangled cords or the need for more than one outlet.

Charge up to 4 devices at the same time

Charge all your electronic devices with complete compatibility.

LEDS indicate the charging status of your device. Save energy and switch off IDAPT when not in use

The articulated tips make IDAPT a sturdy adaptable product for everyday use

IDAPT is committed to constantly update the range of adapter tips as new devices are launched.

AC Input: 85-240 VAC – 0.2A; 50/60 Hz worldwide compatible

4 independent chargers with self-regulating power supply
DC Output: Up to 13 W
Cord lengh: 1,6 m
Dimensions: 169 x 135 x 32 mm
Weight: 300 g

For testing the IDAPT i4 charging station we used a variety of devices including iPod Nanos, iPod Touches, iPhone 3G and 4, Sony PSP, Garmin Nuvi GPS among others. The IDAPT i4 was able to handle charging all of these devices with ease. Up to four devices could be charged using the IDAPT i4.

The biggest advantage of the IDAPT i4 is the lack of clutter as it replaces the various cables and AC adapters that would otherwise be scattered around one’s space. During a recent weekend getaway the IDAPT i4 was able to charge an iPhone 4, Garmin Nuvi 255 GPS, iPad and a Bluetooth headset all at once.



Out of all the devices I tested with the IDAPT i4 only the NookColor was unable to be charged. In all fairness to the IDAPT i4 the NookColor only seems to charge with its included AC adapter.

The included side USB port allows the charging of an additional device using its own USB cable, which is nice if powering multiple iPods or other devices. This USB also acts as insurance if needing to charge a device which the IDAPT does not have a tip available.

My main issue with the IDAPT i4 involves charging larger devices such as the iPad or original Nook. With these larger electronics the IDAPT i4’s tips seem to provide tension at the device’s connector.


In the past I have reviewed several universal chargers including a couple of induction style units. The drawback to induction charging is the need for an induction connector between the device being charged and the induction pad. IDAPT avoids this by having the connectors insert directly into the charger.

The IDAPT i4 is able to charge most devices with the included tips. During my daily use of the IDAPT i4 the micro-USB, mini-USB and iPad/iPhone covered my entire electronic device charging needs.

If you are looking to reclaim precious counter and drawer space then the IDAPT i4 is an excellent charging solution.


+Charges numerous types of electronic devices
+Charges up to four devices at once
+Available in seven color options
+Well constructed
+Power button to shut off IDAPT4 when not in use

-Larger devices awkward to charge

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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