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The first Bluetooth headset review I did was several years ago. It is amazing how things have changed. Back then it was a bulky over the ear set up that required a wired receiver dongle plugged into the headphone jack of a music-playing device. Thankfully times have changed and Bluetooth headsets now look like their wired brethren and have sound quality that is worth the investment.

Today we are looking at the Jabra Move – a beautifully designed headset that sounds pretty awesome. They are lightweight, comfortable and built to last. Besides music playback Jabra also created the Move to wirelessly control your smartphone. Calls can be answer and made using the controls on the side of the headphones.

In addition to wireless sound playback, you can also use the included 3.5mm cord to convert the Move into wired cans for those times when they run out of power for Bluetooth playback.



The Jabra Move comes packaged in a black cardboard box with an image of the headset on the front and on the back a profile image of the headset. The sides of the box list features of the Jabra Move. On the bottom of the package is a list of package contents and some technical specs.

Move 01

Move 02 Move 03

Move 04 Move 05


The front of the box opens like a book cover revealing the Move headphones nestled in protective black foam.

Move 06


Opening the package we find the Jabra Move Wireless headphones, a USB charging cable, 1.2 m detachable 3.5 mm audio cable and a Quick Start Guide.

Move 07


The Jabra Move is an over the ear headset with a profile on the smaller side. Inside the headset it utilizes low power Bluetooth 4.0 and AVRCP technologies.

Jabra offers the Move in three colors – Red, Blue and Black. For our review we will look at the blue model.

Move 08


Immediately you’ll notice that Jabra used quality materials for this headset. It is constructed using stainless steel with a cloth material on the headband.

It measures 6.8” x 5.75” x 2.9” and weighs 5.6 oz. The ear cups are black along with the stainless steel headband and inner portion of the headband. The rest of the headset is a rich blue color.

The ear cups are on the smaller side can fit a child’s head just as easily it would on an adult. On the inside of each cup are a large L and R to identify the proper headset orientation. “Sound Design by Jabra – Copenhagen” is embossed on the outside of each ear cup. Personally I think the headset would look a bit more sophisticated with this area being blank.

Move 09 Move 10

Move 11 Move 12


On the bottom of the right ear cup we see the micro-USB connector, a microphone opening and a power/pairing switch along with LED lights indicating power and Bluetooth connectivity. While on the left ear cup is a 3.5 mm input jack, multifunction button and the volume controls.

Move 13

Move 14 Move 15


Looking at the headband we see two blue flat cables running into the cloth covered headband. The Jabra name is seen at the start of each end of the headband. The padding on the headband is minimal at best compared to other headsets I’ve reviewed.

Move 16


Overall the Jabra Move is solidly constructed and seems like it would stand up to most punishment.


Specifications and Features


Jabra Move

A big sound for a big world.

Engineered by some of the world’s leading sound experts, Jabra Move Wireless provides unrivaled sound quality in the wireless headphone category. Jabra’s signature DSP delivers a crisp digital sound that is bound to bring out the true depth and clarity of the music you love.

Designed to inspire, built to last.

The clean, simple, Scandinavian design of Move Wireless was developed to encompass a powerhouse of sound and functionality. The colors of Move are inspired by the colors and lights of a modern metropolis. The ultra-light, adjustable headband is designed for a more comfortable fit and maximum durability. Move Wireless keeps your music pumping, no matter where you may find yourself.

It’s time to leave the cords at home.

Wireless technology has never been so liberating. Move Wireless is easy to pair, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket, easily controlling your music and phone calls from your headphones. This is life on the move – the easy way.


Always ready to pair with your phone.

Control music and calls directly from the headphones.

LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: Ultra-lightweight and adjustable headband fits all head shapes.

DESIGNED FOR LIFE ON THE MOVE: Built with premium materials including stainless steel arms and dirt resistant fabric. Tested to withstand abuse: drop tested (from 1m) and flexibility tested (10,000 times).


Technical Specifications:


Wireless Technology: Bluetooth

Bluetooth version: 4.0


Music: Yes

Speakers :

Frequency Response: Hifi


Battery & Power :

Talk Time: Up to 8 hours

Standby Time: Up to 288 hours

USB Charging: Yes


Design :

Wearing Style: Headband

Weight: 5.59 oz

Dimensions: H 6.77 x W 5.75 x D 2.87 in


Price: $99.99 (from Amazon at time of review)


The Review


Charging the Jabra Move takes about 1-2 hours and once charged provides up to eight hours of listening time. To turn on the Move simply slide the power switch to the on position. The Move should automatically enter pairing mode upon initial use. Otherwise pressing the on/off button for three seconds will place the headset into pairing mode.

For this review I tested the Jabra Move with my iPhone 6 so pairing involved going into the iOS Settings menu and then the Bluetooth section. At this point the Move is ready to be used. Select your song on your mobile device and get ready for some music.

To play/pause music simply press the multi-function button. To skip music tracks hold the volume up or down buttons while tapping these buttons will control the volume. Pressing both volume buttons simultaneously will mute the headset. If you wish to know the battery status of the move press one of the volume buttons when music is not being played back.

For phone calls the Move works like any other Bluetooth style headset. Tapping the multi-function button answers and ends calls while pressing and holding this button will reject a call. To redial a number simply double tap this same button. For those using Siri the Move activates that by holding the multifunction button for a couple of seconds.

In terms of music playback the Jabra Move really shines for a Bluetooth headset. The soundstage was bright and punchy. You do not get the overwhelming bass presence with these headphones that you find in other brands, which to me is a positive. The sound on these is so good that they actually blow away several wired headsets that I have reviewed in the past.

Phone calls sounded equally as good. Jabra uses their true HD Voice technology, which is found in their other Bluetooth phone headsets. This creates an excellent acoustic experience for both ends of the phone call.

Using the Jabra Move was a pleasure as it provides two distinct functions. The wireless signal was very stable as I was able to leave my iPhone 6 in one part of the house and move around without any audio drops. Its function as a music headset and Bluetooth headset for phone calls was equally consistent.

Talk and music playback time was advertised and I was able to get eight hours of use with a single charge. For times when the headset was out of power using the included 1.2 m detachable 3.5 mm audio cable provided continued music listening capability.

Move 17


The one drawback with the Move I did find was that the headset was a little tight after prolonged wear (about an hour). There is plenty of cushioning between the headband and ear cups but I still felt it was little uncomfortable after long listening sessions.

I also wish that Jabra provided a carry satchel/sack to keep these headphones protected when traveling. The ability to fold up the headset is another feature I would have liked to see with the Move. The Urbanears Zinken is a great example of this capability and is a similar size to the Jabra Move.

Move 18




Bluetooth headsets have come a long way in these past few years. Jabra has taken advantage of these leaps in this technology to create the Jabra Move. This headset sounds on par with its wired brethren without an annoying cord to get in your way.

Besides its function as an audio headset it doubles as a Bluetooth phone headset as well. Answering and making phone calls while wearing the Jabra Move is as easy as pressing a button.

In the past Bluetooth audio meant sacrificing sound quality – not anymore with the Jabra Move. This stylish headset provides great sound whether listening to music, watching a movie or talking with a friend on the phone. Because of its multi-functionality the $99 price is very reasonable as you get an incredible amount of performance from one device.

If you are looking for a great gift for the upcoming holiday season, then the Jabra Move should be on the top of any list.

+Consistent Bluetooth connection
+Wired fallback option
+Built in Microphone
+Works with phone
+Solid construction
+Excellent sound quality
-Feels tight after long listening sessions
-Does not fold up
-No carrying satchel provided


score-10-10 Recommended

Grading Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10



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