Review of Mpow Grip Pro 2 Dashboard Car Mount Phone Holder

Up for review today I’ve got the Grip Pro 2 from Mpow which is a cellphone and GPS holder for your car. I already owned the original Grip Pro and I liked it a lot but it seems they stopped making it so I had to get the new one and it’s not bad, I don’t think it’s as good as the original but it works as well. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

mpow2phone1 mpow2phone2 



The mounting arm has a small plate on the end that connects to the actual phone mount section which is attached to a ball type connection so the phone mount can be positioned and rotated as needed, it’s secured with a large nut that you can loosen and tighten as needed. The arm can also be adjusted up and down and secured with a thumbscrew on the side.



The bottom section of the bracket has the suction cup but it’s not a normal suction cup as it’s really a thick and very sticky gel material that makes sure the mount stays in place. The mount also has a locking lever to secure the suction cup in place. There’s a small knob on the base that is used to secure the position of the arm, you can unscrew the knob to loosen the arm and position it where you want it then tighten the knob to secure the arm in place.



The actual holder section of the mount has a padded section on the back where the phone touches it and arms are padded as well. The arms are spring loaded and can extend in and out to accommodate phones and GPS units of varying sizes. The bottom has two small arms that fold out to further keep the phone from sliding down. On the back of the mount is slot shaped hole to mate with the bracket arm and a button that releases the lock on the arms to remove the phone.

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The mount easily attaches to the arm just by sliding it into place on the bracket, it locks in place but it can be removed fairly easily if need be. The entire mount is plastic of course but it seems sturdy and well made really.



I used the Grip Pro 2 with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and it fit in the holder just fine even with the case on it. The mount holds the phone very securely in the arms and it’s easy to get the phone in place.



I actually bought the Grip Pro 2 for my wife to use with her TomTom GPS as the mount for it broke and she was using my original Mpow Grip Pro but it seems they stopped making it so I had to get the Grip Pro 2. The Grip Pro 2 is slightly different than the original and it actually won’t work with the GPS unit that it was intended for. The arms on the sides are more narrow and they curve in but the original Grip Pro arms where wider and more square and don’t curve inward. The Grip Pro 2 works fine with my phone so I kept it for my use in my car and I gave my wife the original Grip Pro to keep. The Grip Pro 2 mounts very easily on the dashboard and the gel suction cup works very well to keep the mount in place.


I did find I don’t like the release button location, it’s on the back and you have to sort of control your fingers to reach back there to press the button when you want to remove the phone. The original Grip Pro mount had the button on the side which was just so much easier to access.



The MPow Grip pro 2 is a decent product overall but it’s not perfect. Normally when products get a 2nd version it’s usually an improvement but from what I see it’s not. The Grip Pro 2 works just as good as the first one in respect to how well it stays attached to your dashboard but I found it doesn’t hold my TomTom GPS at all and the release button position makes it awkward to remove my phone from the holder.

In all it’s not bad, I’ll continue to use it for my phone surely as it holds it securely in place.

+Sticks very well
+Well made
+Holds phone well even in case
+Rotates for portrait or landscape viewing

-Release button on back is awkward
-Might not fit all GPS



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

Disclosure: I purchased this product for my personal use and thought a review would benefit other consumers in making an informed purchasing decision.

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