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The PS Vita is the newest handheld gaming system and with that, like anything else, comes accessories. Sure you could buy them from other companies but Sony had theirs ready at launch and on of them is what I have for review today that’s actually an entire kit aptly named the Official PlayStation Vita Start Kit. In this kit you’ll find two cases, a screen protector, wrist strap, cleaning cloth and even a case to carry your memory cards and games so you can take them with you. if you’ve got a PS Vita then you need pick up this starter kit as it’s got everything you need to protect and take your Vita with you.


Official Sony PlayStation Vita starter kit

This is the official Sony PlayStation Vita starter kit designed to give you everything you need to keep your Vita protected against wear and tear and provide storage for your game collection.

Includes an official case & pouch
This official starter pack comes with 2 cases for your Vita. The flip case is designed to protect and store your Vita, the case simply flips open so you can use your Vita. The soft pouch is excellent for transporting and storing your Vita when its not in use.

Store your game cartridges in the official case
The tough EVA plastic case allows you to store all your Vita games in one safe and secure place.

Protect your vita’s screen
The screen protector is virtually invisible and provides excellent protection for the Vita’s screen without compromising on performance.

Includes a wrist strap and cleaning cloth
This starter pack also includes a cleaning cloth for making sure your Vita looks in tip-top condition. Excellent for removing finger prints and dust. The wrist strap allows you to securely carry your Vita without any fear of dropping it, ideal when you are out and about

What’s In the Box?
1 x Official PSP Vita Pouch
1 x Official PSP Vita Case
1 x Official PSP Vita Games Case
1 x Official PSP Vita Screen Protector
1 x Official PSP Vita Wrist Strap and Cleaning Cloth

Price: £23.99 / $38.25

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The box is blue with pictures and specs on it, not much else to say about it really.

vita1 vita2

Inside you’ll find instruction manuals, two cases, strap, cleaning cloth, screen protector and case for games and memory cards.


The cleaning cloth has the PS Vita logo on it and can be used to clean the screen and the Vita of course. It also comes into play when you’re applying the screen protector.


The strap is nylon and it’s pretty much like any other strap for a camera of phone. You can attach it to the bottom of the PS Vita to help you keep a hold of it.

vita5 vita25

The game case is plastic and has the PS Vita log on one side and the PlayStation logo on the other. The case is plastic and it’s semi-transparent, more of a smoke color.

vita7 vita8

The case will hold eight games and two memory cards so you can take them with you on the go.

vita9 vita10

This starter kit comes with two cases actually, one is a neoprene sleeve. It has the PS Vita logo on it as expected.


The end unfolds and opens up so you can slide the Vita into it and then fold it back over to fully protect the Vita. This case provides some protection for your Vita but not that much honestly as it’s just a soft material. I think of it more as a dust protector or cover.

vita13 vita14

The screen protector actually comes with a neat template that helps you place it properly on the screen. The screen protector works very well, and it’s one of those things that should have come with it instead of having to buy it separately.

vita4 vita26


The last thing is the kit is the best thing, sort of, and it’s the leather case. The case has the PS Vita and the PlayStation logos on it.

vita15 vita16

Opening up the case you’ll find a soft felt covering to protect your PS Vita.


The case has a built in stand so you can watch movies or listen to music while it’s propped up at a decent viewing angle.

vita18 vita24

Here’s what it looks like with the stand in use:


Inside of the case is a funky looking plastic part that attaches to the loops on the bottom of the PS Vita.


It just clips in the loops and actually holds tight so you won’t have to worry about it sliding out. Here’s the top view and bottom view:

vita21 vita22

The case is open on the sides so it doesn’t fully protect the PS Vita but it does offer good protection for the top and bottom.


I actually like this case a lot, you can use the Vita while it’s in  the case or you can easily take it out just by pushing on the clips.


vita1 vita3 vita16 vita23

If you’ve got a PS Vita then you need to get this starter kit for it. The leather case is excellent for protecting and taking your PS Vita with you. The screen protector is, in my opinion, a must have accessory for anything device and the one included in this kit is easy to apply and work well. The cleaning cloth is a nice addition to keep your Vita looking clean and fingerprint free while the strap can be useful for making sure your Vita stays within reach and to help keep it from accidentally falling. At first I wasn’t sure about the game case but I actually found it useful and I take it with me often.

The little pouch style case is rather useless in my opinion it doesn’t offer any real protection for your Vita except maybe to keep it clean and dust free.

Overall I like this kit and I think it’s a must-have set of accessories for you PS Vita, it has most everything you need to protect and keep your Vita safe while traveling.





+Several useful things included
+Well worth the price for all you get
+A must have starter kit

-Pouch isn’t exactly what I would call useful

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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