Review of Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S

In the past at technogog we have reviewed several Pad & Quill products for various Apple devices. Their products are made using bookbindery techniques to create elegant looking book styles cases for iPhones and iPads as well as other electronic portable devices. Today we will look at the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S.

This iPhone 5/5S case is designed to protect your phone while providing a place to hold a few credit cards and some cash. It has the distinct Pad & Quill style and construction making it both functional and stylish. For those looking for a wallet case, this may be the ideal model.



The packaging of a product is the first thing you notice about it once it gets into your hands. Pad & Quill sends the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S with a brown paper wrapper that is closed with a red wax seal. This makes is feel like a message from medieval times where Kings and nobles used wax seals.

This is certainly one of the more interesting presentations for a tech accessory and my kids were just as excited to open it, as I was.



Embossed into the red wax is the Pad & Quill logo. Opening the paper reveals the case along with the words “The anticipation was killing us, we’re so glad we finally arrived” imprinted on the inner back of the wrapper.



The Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S comes with a little booklet listing the Satisfaction Guarantee and the product’s 25 Year Leather Warranty. Pad & Quill also provide a extra set of Z Grabber grip corners aka extra bumpers in the event the ones in the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S fall off for whatever reason.



The case measures 5.1″ x 2.75″ x .55″ and weighs 2.7 oz. It is available with two leather cover color options – Mahogany Brown and Onyx Black. For the interior the color choices include Deep-Sea Blue, Forest Green, Slate Grey, Plum and French Roast for the black version and Deep-Sea Blue or Forest Green for the Brown model.



As its name implies it is designed to mimic an old style leather book with its leather exterior. The leather stitching and construction is outstanding. The spine of the Little Pocket Book has markings reminiscent of an old tome with floral embossed logos surrounding a pair of rectangles and squares.




The back of the Little Pocket Book has an opening for the iPhone 5/5S camera, an elastic strap for keeping the case closed and on the bottom is an embossed Pad & Quill logo.



On the inside of the Little Pocket Book we find the wallet portion, which includes a holder for credit cards and slot for money. On the right is the Baltic Birch wood frame that is found in most of Pad & Quill’s products. On each corner are the Z Grabber grips, which keep the iPhone 5/5S in place.



Specifications and Features

Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S

One case to rule them all. At least, we think so. The Little Pocket Book for iPhone artfully protects your favorite device and leaves plenty of space for cash and credit cards. A simple, and dare we say, essential, tool that bundles your must-haves so you can unburden your pockets. The most popular Pad & Quill item, bar none.

Standard Features:

Fits the iPhone 5 and 5S

Amazingly thin hand finished wood cradle

Multiple color options

30 Day Money Back/25 Year Leather Warranty. Yes.

Gorgeous top grain leathers inside/outside

Stitched and subtly embossed leather

Handcrafted satin finish Baltic birch cradle

Internal pockets

Rear camera aperture

Improved elastic closure

Sound, headphone, charging and button channels

Z Grabber grip corners

Signature Pad & Quill ribbon bookmark

Price: $64.99



Testing and Usage

Installation of the iPhone 5/5S into the Little Pocket Book is simple as pressing it into the case and letting the Z Grabber grips take hold of the device. The iPhone sits fairly flush with the Baltic birch cradle. The grips do a good job of keeping the iPhone locked into place.



As with most iPhone cases there are openings for the side volume controls, the bottom speakers and dock and top power button. The back has an unobstructed opening for the camera and flash.





On the opposite side of the case, the slots for the credit cards are spacious making the insertion and removal of cards simple compared to other wallet cases which seem to have designed the opening for the cards with only millimeters of extra space. While there is a side pocket for some cash unless you are carrying a few big bills, do not expect to house a lot of extra money.



In terms of protection, the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S seems like it can absorb most mild to moderate trauma with aplomb but I don’t think it is made to weather a more rough and tumble lifestyle.

The elastic closure holds the cover down when not using the iPhone 5/5S. One concern with any case featuring an elastic closure is how long it will last. Either these tend to stretch out over long periods of time or simply snap.

Like most folio cases, using the phone yields a clunky experience as the front cover folding over adds bulk to the sleight iPhone. Of course the Little Pocket Book adds bulk to the iPhone experience.







Overall the build of the Little Pocket Book is excellent and on par with other Pad & Quill cases we have reviewed. The folio style of the case will protect the front of the iPhone 5/5S when not using the device, which is a great feature. The drawback to this style is having the flipped over cover while using the iPhone during a phone call.

The Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S is an elegant and stylish way to house one’s iPhone 5/5S. Plus the wallet portion is a great way to avoid carrying an additional wallet. The caveat being you will be limited to the amount of credit cards and cash you can fit on the small side panel.

Selling at $64.99 the price tag may be what scares off some buyers but the craftsmanship of the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S surpasses most other iPhone 5/5S cases on the market.




+Well constructed
+Quality materials
+25-year leather warranty
+Slots for credit cards and money
+Elegant appearance
+Superior craftsmanship

-Case in the way when using the phone
-Not enough room for a big wad of bills
-Adds bulk

Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-7-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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