Review of Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker

Today for review I’ve got a product that just has to be seen or actually heard to be believed. It’s a product that I thought was just a gimmick, but I was wrong, very wrong. It’s called the Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker, and it’s a speaker that you can hook to anything with a standard 3.5mm jack. It’s much more than that though as it’s technically not a speaker. Yes, I said it’s called a speaker but it’s not a speaker, well yes it is though. I’ve confused myself I think here. Seriously though it work through vibrations, you can attach it to most anything like a cup, box, table or whatever and that item you attach it to will become the actual speaker. Let’s just jump right into the review…

So, the Pocket Boom comes in a clear box and you can see it plain as day.


The back of the box gives you some information and tells you how to use it, or gives you examples of how to use it.


Unpacking everything you’ll find the Pocket Boom, extra stickies, instructions and a USB power cable. The Pocket Boom can be powered with two AAA batteries or by USB.

pboom3 pboom4

The Pocket Boom looks like a big pill I think. On the side you’ll find an LED power indicator, a power switch and a power connector.


On the other side you’ll see the 3.5mm jack tucked away neatly for storage.


On the bottom I guess you could call it is the battery compartment.


The Pocket Boom is a neat little gadget, the main speaker part attaches to the top and the cord is stored inside. To get to the cord out you just unwind it or lightly pull, you do the reverse to get it back in.

pboom8 pboom9 


Without the batteries the Pocket Boom is rather light, but it feels sturdy. With everything tucked inside it should be good enough to protect it when you’re traveling.



I used the Pocket Boom with my Zune and Samsung Captivate for testing it out. I have to say this was truly a fun product to review, one of the most fun ones in a long while really. The idea behind it is that it uses vibrations and turns pretty much anything into a speaker. The speaker part has a sticky pad on it to stick to whatever you want. My kids think the Pocket Boom is just the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen, and of course they want one now.

I never realized until today how hard it was to find a cup with a flat bottom. having kids we’ve got all kids of plastic cups, but that all seem to have curved bottoms. I did find on though!

pboom13 pboom12

Using it with the cup I was honestly amazed at the sound that came from that little plastic cup, and it’s loud, very loud. As far as being clear, it is for the most part, I found it depended on the type of music I played.

I went around my house and tried a lot of other things, it was fun seeing what would work and what wouldn’t.

pboom14 pboom15 pboom16 pboom17 

My PC Case worked, but it was rather tinny sounding. The cardboard box works amazingly well. The little Pocket Boom box works very well also. The bigger or deeper an object is the more bass you can get from it. I tired with a lot of other things like the stove, the table, other boxes and pretty much anything else I could find. You really can turn almost anything into a speaker with the Pocket Boom.

The little sticky pad can get dirty and lose adhesiveness quickly, but it could be I spent quite a while running around the house sticking it to everything I could that it got so dirty. It’s an easy fix though, just get your finger wet and wipe it off and it’s sticky once again.


pboom1 pboom5 pboom13 pboom17 

The Pocket Boom is wild little gadget that’s for sure. It’s unique and quite useful and it works very well. It’s just an amazing little product. It’s certainly something that you can use as a conversation starter, people will be amazed by it I’m sure, I know I was.

I’m impressed by the Pocket Boom, and the fact that it can produce quality sound from ordinary everyday products.

I like the fact that it’s dual powered, you can use USB or two AAA batteries for power. The Pocket Boom is basically a little self-contained audio system, the cords are stored inside of it and you just unwind to get it out. When you’re done you just twist the cord back into the Pocket Boom.

The price is about $24, and I think it’s well worth it as it really does work.


+Small and portable
+Self contained
+It really works
+Dual power, battery or USB
+Easy to clean
+Comes with extra sticky disks
+Can get very loud

-Loses stickiness quickly

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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