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When people think of a bluetooth headset most think of the kind that stick in your ear for making calls, but there are others out there like the one I have for review today. MobileFun has sent me one from Sony Ericsson that’s just called the MW600 but despite its unoriginal name it’s a headset that is packed with features. The MW600 is a heads that allows you to play music from you phone through a set of stereo headphones, make calls like you would with any other headset or you could use the built-in FM radio.

This came from the UK and apparently it got a little beat up on the way here..


Despite the box being beat up the contents were fine. Inside you’ll find the MW600, a pair of headphones, documentation and a power adapter. Sadly they forgot I was in the US and sent me the UK power adapter, not a big deal though as I have adapters and you can also charge the MW600 with a regular micro-USB cable.


The headphones are the in-ear style and one side is shorter than the other like many headphones are out there today. The headphones do seem well made, on them you’ll find the Sony logo, and included is a couple more sets of silicone ear bud covers.

sony3 sony4

The main part of the headset features an OLED screen that shows several things.


On the front is the phone answer/end button and the microphone, on the bottom is the Sony Ericsson logo.

sony10 sony11

On the right side, or bottom actually is three controls for play, pause, forward and backward, but there also used for changing stations in the FM radio and for changing modes like going from bluetooth connection to the FM radio.

sony6 sony7

On the top of left side you find a touch sensitive bar or slider for the volume. You can slide back and forth to raise or lower and you can also hold it to quickly raise and lower the volume.


On the top you’ll find the audio jack and on the bottom is the pairing/power button and the micro-USB port.

sony8 sony9

There’s a clip on the back that has teeth on it to make sure it holds in place.



Sony Ericsson MW600 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Rock to the radio. Groove to your tunes. Network. Gossip. While you’re hands are free to do as they please.Enjoy exceptional on-the-go audio. Join the wireless revolution.

Built In FM Radio
Tune into your favorite radio channel and enjoy listening to your favorite radio shows without draining power from your phone.

Swap your Headphones
Your Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio MW600 has a 3.5 mm plug built in so that you can swap the headphones to match how you listen to music in your phone. Customized comfort for your ears.

Wireless music streaming
With A2DP you can stream high-quality stereo music from your phone to your wireless headset or other Bluetooth devices.

Connect to two wireless devices simultaneously, allowing access to the music files in your computer, PDA or other Bluetooth equipped devices.

* Talk time: 11 Hours
* Stand by time: 500 hours
* Streaming time: 8.5 hours
* Radio time: 11 hours
* Charging time: 2 hours
* Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.0 x 62.0 mm.
* Weight: 13g

Price: £39.95 / $62.00

The first thing you’ll need to do is charge it of course, it was partially charged when I got it so it didn’t take the two hours it normally should.

I paired it with both my Tilt and Backflip I had no problems at all. When you’re paired the screen will show the bluetooth logo and the battery icon.


To test part of it I played music, the MW600 worked exactly as it should with the controls controlling my phone to change the tracks and play or pause. When you’re playing music a musical note appears on the screen.


The volume slider works very well, just slide it left or right and you’re set.


To switch between bluetooth connection and the FM radio you hold in the play/pause button, the selection shows on screen and you use the volume button to move the indicator. The following picture was taken before I paired my second phone so it only shows the radio and one phone, but after I paired the Backflip a second phone icon appears there, then they have number on them 1 and 2 as you might expect.


The radio is simple to use, just select it and it turns on. You can change the stations just by using the forward and back buttons. The display will also show text where available like the station name, and then even the title of the song and the artist.

sony14 sony15 sony16 sony17 sony18

The range on the MW600 is very good, it even works through walls with no issues unlike some other headsets out there. Even behind a wall I experienced no drops or skips in the streaming of music.

The battery life is great as well, I easily got over eight hours just listening to music.

The build quality is just excellent really, the device itself is well made and feels sturdy but yet lightweight. The clip on the back with the teeth works very well at holding onto your clothes.

The headphones are surprisingly very good, the sound is great, but I don’t like the fact that one side is shorter than the other. Since the connection on the MW600 is a standard one you can use your own set of headphones if you wish to.


You can also use the MW600 for actual phone calls as well, and it works good, I could hear people fine and they said they could hear me fine and clear. With the MW600 clipped on my color the microphone seems to pick up things very good, and you don’t have to raise your voice either.

sony2 sony5 sony14 sony22


If you’re looking for a bluetooth stereo headset you can’t go wrong with the Sony Ericsson MW600, it works perfectly, has great battery life and the headphones even sound good.

The MW600 is well made, and the display is nice, it even shows text information from radio stations when available.

The range is on the MW600 is very good, exceptional actually, it works right through walls. I can easily recommend it if you’re looking for a very good stereo bluetooth headset.

+Nicely made
+Easy to use
+Long range
+Good battery life
+Can use other headphones
+Shows text when available

-Might be considered expensive
-Controls are very sensitive

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-10-10

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